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React when you see animal abuse

Published July 24. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor,

First, I want to extend my congratulations to Dr. Mary Lombardo from the Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital. She is being honored by her peers as the Pa. Veterinarian of the Year.

She is great and does all she can to help animals. What she has done regarding puppy mills is remarkable. She has saved so many animals. God bless her. Thank you Doctor.

With the intense heat warnings, even temperatures breaking records, how can anyone take their dog shopping, come home, empty the car and forget their dog in the car? A chocolate Lab had been left for over one hour in the driveway, to the point of exhaustion and was acting frantically when it jumped in the front of the steering wheel and leaned on the horn. This is unbelievable, but true. The story made the radio, television and newspapers and happened in Macungie.

My opinion is the dog, any dog, doesn't need to be in a car while the owner is shopping. Try sitting in a car for even 15 minutes in this heat and see how you feel. The dog survived, barely.

There is a lot of abuse locally in our communities. If you see any abuse, please call your local police officer, vet or groomer. They will guide you in the right direction.

Just as a baby can't survive without its mother's care, neither can an animal. Neither one can get their own water, food or shelter.

If you're tying an animal outside with no shelter in this weather, shame on you. Put yourself in their place and see how you would survive if the situation were reversed with no shelter, water or food. What are you thinking about when you do this?

Sept. 16 will be one year since I lost my beloved pet Angel and I miss her everyday. I wish I had her to feed and protect from the elements. In this weather, she'd be in the basement or upstairs in air conditioning. Please think about what you're doing to God's loving animals. The sad thing is even when you're mean, they love you and will still wag their tail when they see you. What a faithful friend!

Animal abuse numbers: 1-610-826-4901, Donna Crum; 1-866-601-SPCA; 1-570-325-3478. Keep these numbers and please react when you see any abuse.

Animal advocate,

Shirley Brinkos

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