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America's dirty little secret

Published January 23. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

Do you ever take the time to think about how far reaching the government is into your life? Upon critical inspection, it can be deemed that the people in power completely own you and all that you do.

They regulate what you put in your body, put restraints on how you conduct your business, control your means of communication, decide how your money is spent, make you ask for permission to travel and then tell you exactly how to travel, monitor your money and even make laws regarding your sexual behavior.

My questions are, should an allegedly "free people" accept these conditions and what was the original intent of the founding fathers of this country? Do we even understand what freedom means anymore? My interpretation of freedom means living my life in the pursuit of my happiness without having other grown adults telling me what to do or forcing me to give up my property (my income) for someone else's benefit. And as long as I am not hurting anybody else or their property I should have my rights protected by my government not taken away.

In today's world this is next to impossible. If you don't believe me try driving next to a police officer without your seatbelt on or try putting a swimming pool in the backyard of the property you supposedly own. Because we are so focused on our political party or team (donkey vs. elephant, red vs. blue) we no longer understand the gift the founders of this country gave us. We were all to be kings or sovereigns of our domains and the constitution laid the foundation of a government that was supposed to protect our sovereignty. If King George of England wanted to ride in his carriage without strapping himself in first do you think a shire-reeve or sheriff would even dare to issue him a citation?

It sounds silly right? That sheriff would lose his head. Then why does this happen to us "sovereign's" today? An understanding of true American history will aid us, starting with the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917. During that time, it was feared that enemies of the United States and/or their allies were living inside the United States and were abetting the enemy. So we gave our government total authority over those enemies to do as it saw fit. This total authority was not to be exercised on US citizens.

On March 9, 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt changed that when the act of March 9th changed the Trading With the Enemy Act to include "any person within the United States or anyplace subject to the jurisdiction thereof." In other words, he made US citizens the same as the enemy. This power was to take place during any national emergency or time of war (War on Drugs, War on Poverty, Korean War etc). This was a sneaky way of getting around the constitution because the founders knew (especially after the American Revolution) that there would be times, for the sake of the country, when the government would have to suspend the constitution and do whatever was necessary to provide for its defense.

The problem is, the constitution remained suspended from March 9, 1933 until this very day and the national emergency was never called off essentially making the president a constitutional dictator. In 1973, Senate report 93-549 states "A majority of the people of the United States have lived all their lives under emergency rule." This emergency power also gave the president the power to seize property (IRS and eminent domain), organize and control means of production (ex: takeover of the auto industry), seize commodities (any illegal raid by federal agents like that in Waco, Texas), assign military forces abroad (troops stationed all over the world including in the undeclared war zones of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and now Yemen), institute martial law, seize and control all communication (FCC), regulate the operation of private enterprise (SEC, FDA, EPA…), restrict travel (FTA, DOT…) and in a plethora of ways, control the lives of all American citizens.

Since the Federal Reserve Bank, which was created in 1913, had a 20 year charter that was due to run out in 1933, we can see that the banking interest who controlled Roosevelt and brought him to power, had a big hand in the takeover of America. As a matter of fact, they have also controlled every other president since that time. Americans first had their gold stolen from them during the bank holiday when the Fed Reserve banks and their allies refused to return gold in exchange for the Federal Reserve Notes. Then the American people were forced to turn in the remainder of their gold (Gold Confiscation Act) to the banking cartel.

A new currency "The Federal Reserve Bank Note" was issued and the Act of March 9 had nothing worth value to back the new currency except our forefathers, their land and their offspring (you and me). When the citizens realized a couple days after the bank holiday on March 8, 1933 what was going on, they stormed the Federal Reserve banks but were declared enemy combatants and the military was brought in to protect the Federal Reserve banks. So on March 9, 1933, you and I were sold to slavery before we were even born. Our constitution was suspended and our God given rights were no longer protected by our government thanks to the banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve.

If we the people are to become free once again we must insist that our state and local governments reinstate the constitution and that we accept gold and silver as legal tender. And as the sell out Woodrow Wilson once stated "Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty as always come from the subjects of government.

The history of liberty is the history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of the limitation of government power, not the increase of it. To take part in restoring America join the Jim Thorpe Freedom Rallies listed on Meetupdotcom.

Gene Duffy

Jim Thorpe

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