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TN Wrestling Rankings

Published January 05. 2010 05:00PM

TIMES NEWS Wrestling Rankings

(through Jan. 4)

103 - 1. Sean Bianco, Pleasant Valley, Fr. (11-4); 2. Nick O'Donnell, Panther Valley, Jr. (8-4); 3. Jake Hoats, Lehighton, So. (7-5).

Notes - Bianco placed 1st at Pleasant Valley's season-opening tournament. O'Donnell placed 5th at Bethlehem Catholic's Christmas City tournament. Hoats was 2nd at Jim Thorpe Christmas tournament and 3rd at the Brandywine Heights tourney.

112 - 1. Dylan Long, Northwestern, Sr. (12-2); 2. Ernest Klingel, Pleasant Valley, So. (13-5); 3. Ty Herzog, Northern Lehigh, Fr. (8-4).

Honorable Mention - Cody Garner, Palmerton, Sr. (5-5).

Notes - Long placed 1st at the Nazareth Invitational and 6th at the Bethlehem Holiday Classic. Klingel placed 1st at the Pleasant Valley tourney and 8th at the Reno Tournament of Champions. Herzog placed 3rd at the Brandywine Heights tourney.

119 - 1. Zane Heller, Northern Lehigh, So. (8-3); 2. Mike Dahlstrom, Pleasant Valley, So. (8-6); 3. Sam Oberlander, Palmerton, So. (8-4).

Honorable Mention - Brandon Gurka, Panther Valley, Jr. (6-3); Jeremy Gornick, Lehighton, Jr. (7-5); Ethan Keichel, Northwestern, So. (7-7); Kyle Boyer, Tamaqua, So. (9-8).

Notes - Heller was 3rd at Brandywine Heights tourney, Dahstrom 2nd at Pleasant Valley tourney and Oberlander was 1st at the New Hope tournament.

125 - 1. Eddie Faust, Northwestern, Sr. (9-5); 2. Alex Yanovich, Pleasant Valley, So. (12-5); 3. Lucas Dise, Northern Lehigh, Jr. (6-5).

Honorable Mention - Dillon Massington, Palmerton, Fr. (6-6).

Notes - Faust placed 8th at the Bethlehem Holiday Classic. Yanovich was 2nd at the Pleasant Valley tourney. Dise, a Northwestern transfer, placed 6th at Brandywine Heights.

130 - 1 Jordan Toledo, Pleasant Valley, Sr. (15-2); 2. Brandon Silkowski, Tamaqua, So. (11-6); 3. Connor Hedash, Northern Lehigh, Fr. (5-7).

Notes - Toledo placed 1st at the Pleasant Valley tourney and was 3rd at Reno and the Powerade tourney at Canon McMillan. Silkowski was 2nd at the Mount Carmel tourney and 5th at the Bloomsburg tourney. Connor Hedash was 6th at Brandywine Heights.

135 - 1. Kolby Mashack, Tamaqua, Jr. (9-1); 2, Mike Pokrinchak, Pleasant Valley, Sr. (8-3); 3. Cody Grohotolski, Palmerton, So. (6-4).

Notes - Mashack won titles at Bloomsburg and Mount Carmel tourneys and was named Outstanding Wrestler at the latter. Pokrinchak placed 2nd at the Pleasant Valley tourney.

140 - 1. Nikko Stevens, Northern Lehigh, Jr. (8-3); 2. Jake Chamberlain, Pleasant Valley, Sr. (8-2); 3. Anthony Farole, Lehighton, So. (8-4).

Notes - Stevens won the title at Brandywine Heights and placed 4th at the Bethlehem Holiday Classic. Chamberlain placed first at the Pleasant Valley tourney. Farole placed first at Jim Thorpe and 4th at Brandywine Heights.

145 - 1. Dillon Smith, Jim Thorpe, Sr. (14-3); 2. Bobby Clymer, Northwestern, Jr. (8-1); 3. Dan Costenbader, Palmerton, Sr. (10-2).

Honorable Mention - Ryan Sokolowski, Pleasant Valley, Sr. (5-3); Dylan Hofmann, Northern Lehigh, So. (7-3); Zach Coleman, Lehighton, So. (6-6).

Injured - Matt Edmonds, Tamaqua, Jr. (9-3).

Notes - Tough weight class. Smith became Jim Thorpe's all-time winningest wrestler and has a title at the JT tourney, as well as silvers from Penn Cambria and Christmas City. Clymer was second to Nazareth's Tyler Torcivia at Blue Eagles' Invitational and has a win over No. Lehigh's Stevens. Costenbader was 1st at New Hope. Hofmann won title at Brandywine Heights. Sokolowski was 2nd at Pleasant Valley. Coleman was 2nd at JT and 5th at Brandywine.

152 - 1. Craemer Hedash, Northern Lehigh, Sr. (9-2); 2. David Lucykanish, Lehighton, Sr. (11-3); 3. Mike Englert, Palmerton, Sr. (9-3).

Notes - Craemer was 1st at Brandywine, including a win over Lucykanish, and 4th at Bethlehem Holiday Classic. Lucykanish was 1st at JT, 2nd at Brandywine Heights and 7th at Bethlehem. Englert was 2nd at New Hope and 6th at Oviedo (Fla.) HS tourney.

160 - 1. Kevin Schaller, Panther Valley, Sr. (9-3); 2. Mitchell Moyer, Lehighton, So. (6-4), 3. Travis Veronsky, Tamaqua, Jr. (10-6).

Injured - Kyle Sorenson, Northwestern, Jr. (3-2)

Notes - Schaller was 4th at Becahi's Christmas City tourney. Moyer placed 3rd at JT and 4th at Brandywine Heights. Veronsky was 2nd at Mt. Carmel and 6th at Bloomsburg.

171 - 1. Colin Hedash, Northern Lehigh, Jr. (9-1); 2. Mike Balliet, Lehighton, So. (7-6); 3. Mike Weaver, Panther Valley, So. (6-5).

Notes - Colin placed 1st at Bethlehem Holiday Classic and 2nd at Brandywine Heights. Balliet was 1st at JT and 6th at Brandywine Heights.

189 - 1. Cameron Kroemelbein, Pleasant Valley, Sr. (11-6); 2. Dustin Wentz, Tamaqua, Sr. (10-5); 3. Alex Lorkowski, Panther Valley, Jr. (6-5).

Honorable Mention - Kane Kralik, Palmerton, So. (6-4), Matt Dorward, Lehighton, Sr. (5-6).

Notes - Kroemelbein was 3rd at Pleasant Valley tourney and 8th at Powerade. Wentz was 3rd at Mt. Carmel and 5th at Bloomsburg. Dorward was 2nd at Brandywine Heights and 3rd at JT.

215 - 1. Garth Lakitsky, Tamaqua, Jr. (13-0); 2. John Scheaffer, Panther Valley, Sr. (8-5); 3. Hunter Deihl, Pleasant Valley, Fr. (7-6).

Honorable Mention - Nate Black, Lehighton, Sr. (5-5).

Notes - Lakitsky, the lone unbeaten in the TN Rankings, has titles at Bloomsburg and Mt. Carmel tourneys. Scheaffer placed 6th at Becahi. Deihl was 4th at Pleasant Valley tourney.

285 - 1. Briar Stern, Lehighton, Sr. (7-5); 2. Alec Eidelman, Northwestern, Jr. (4-8), 3. Tyler Mangold, Jim Thorpe, Jr. (3-5).

Notes - Stern was 1st at JT, 2nd at Brandywine Heights and 6th at Bethlehem Holiday Classic.

(Compiled by Joe Plasko)

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