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  • RON GOWER/TIMES NEWS Tyler Black, 4, tossing a snowball while playing outside in the snow. Tyler is the son of Joshua and Stephanie Black of Lake Hauto.
    RON GOWER/TIMES NEWS Tyler Black, 4, tossing a snowball while playing outside in the snow. Tyler is the son of Joshua and Stephanie Black of Lake Hauto.
Published February 25. 2010 05:00PM

Snow days. You either love them or you hate them.

If you are a child and you get a day off from school, you love them.

As an adult who has to go to work, most people hate them. If you can take the day off, or it's a weekend, it's a day to be treasured a day to do whatever you want!

With a major storm bearing down on us, we asked several TIMES NEWS staffers, columnists and members of the community what they do when faced with a snow day.


"There's always housework and cooking to do, as long as there's electricity. My favorite thing to do on a snowy day, is to sit by a window and read. I love to watch the snow falling. When possible, I also like to build snowmen and play in the snow with my grandchildren. I also like to shovel snow, when it's 3-4 inches, as I love the quiet and solitude that a snowfall brings."

Kathy Kunkel, TN Editorial Assistant


"We won't be totally 'snowed in.' Lauren and I will have the grandchildren at the house. Tyler, the 4-year-old, loves being outside in the snow, especially with his little dump truck and bulldozer. Although they are just toys, he takes his playing very seriously. He also has his own little snow shovel to help with the more tedious chores. So, we will definitely be busy. Afterward, we'll have hot chocolate and play with his Thomas trains. As for Spencer, the 1 1/2-year-old, I'm sure he'll also be outside for part of the day. He loves to 'try to' shovel. Also when inside, we'll probably find time to make Jell-O and bake brownies."

Ron Gower, TN Reporter


"After I'm finished shoveling and snow blowing, I like nothing better than to sit around in a pair of sweats, get a nice fire going in the fireplace, and hunkering down with some of my wife's homemade bean soup, and a couple of cold ones. If the power doesn't go out, I also like finding an old western on television and watching that."

Bob Urban, TN Editor


"I enjoy catching up on all my favorite shows that I taped throughout the week; as well as catching up on a movie or two that I wanted to see but hadn't gotten to see yet."

Amy Zubek, TN Reporter


"Bundle up, put on my snowmobile suit, grab my camera and run outside and take pictures of shadows on the snow to paint from."

Beth Franks, Artist



"Curl up on the couch, watch a good movie and play with my grandson."

Donna Hall, TN Advertising Dept.


"I love to bake bread when I'm snowed in. Time seems to move so slow, measured in the minutes it takes the dough to be kneaded, and then in the hours as it rises on the kitchen coal stove. The warm, sweet fragrance of the freshly-baked loaves and the enticing aroma of fresh-brewed coffee are wonderful to come inside to after shoveling snow."

Chris Parker, TN Reporter


"As long as we have power, a day of movies and playing on the computer, or working on a household chore I've put off doing. My snow plow guy is the best, and he always gets us out as soon as possible, so I only have to do a little shoveling. With the threat of power outages, I am already preparing kindling and making sure I have enough wood for the stove, and emergency supplies are ready."

Audrey Wargo, Carbon Conservation District Secretary


"While there's always a ton of housework to do, being snowed in is like receiving a gift from the Snow God and should be treated as such. It is a day for self-indulgence. That means curling up in my favorite chair with a comfy warm afghan, as I read a good book or watch an old movie with a Coke and bag of chips by my side. If I need a change of scenery, I'll indulge in my other passion of tole painting. To pamper my taste buds, I either make a pot of homemade soup or a favorite casserole followed by a pan of just-out-of-the-oven brownies or cookies. A 'Snow Day' is just another name for 'It's All About Me Day.'"

Linda Koehler, TN Reporter


"In the event I get snowed in, my activity is something that I don't look forward to doing. I will be doing my income tax since the weather would almost pin me down to doing something at home indoors."

Ron Sheehan, Carbon County Treasurer


"I love a good snow day because it puts me in the house with my wife and kids (something that's happening less frequently as they grow up). We may play board games but I'll also spend time with the kids individually, one with his video games and making crafts with my daughter. If the snow slows down, we might go out and play in it. If that happens, we'll need hot chocolate when we come in. When it gets dark, we'll all get on the bed together, cover up and watch a movie. Yeah, come to think of it, I hope it snows!"

Rick Grant, TN Correspondent and media relations counselor for the U.S. financial services industry


"I will be staying overnight at the hospital to lend any type of help needed. I am not clinical, but in situations such as this, we all chip in wherever we are needed."

Lisa E. Johnson, Vice President, Public Relations & Marketing, Blue Mountain Health System


"My wife, Gale, and I just moved from a big old colonial in the suburbs of Manhattan. We now live in the New Jersey countryside in a condominium on top of a hill. Our greatest pleasure this winter has been drinking a glass of wine by the fireplace while watching the crews shovel our walks and front steps. I can't tell you how entertaining this is."

Fred Cicetti, Columnist, The Healthy Geezer

"I veg on my laptop... Wait, when have I ever been snowed in?"

Chris Noecker-Donmoyer, KidsPeace

"I love curling up with a good book and a hot cup of chai tea. It's a nice treat after shoveling our sidewalks!"

Stacey Solt, TN Correspondent


"My husband and I were snowed out of work during the last big storm, so we stayed home with our boys, Stephen, 3, and Will, 2, and let them be our bosses for the day. They made an executive decision to stay in our pajamas all day and play! We did puzzles and read a ton of books. We made a big breakfast together and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and hot chocolate picnic for dinner. It's not often we take a completely lazy day like that. There is always housework to be done, but we decided that will be how we spend any snow day we are lucky enough to get!"

Liz Pinkey, TN Correspondent and Air Products


"The best part about being snowed in is you don't feel guilty about doing nothing. I enjoy the being snowed in part; it's the after part that can be miserable."

Bob Crampsie, Carbon County Controller

"If the power is still on, I like to surf the Web for deals on summer trips with my family. I like to price beach vacations and cruises. It helps to make me feel warm. Sometimes I light my piña colada scented candle as well."

Lysa Grant, Producer, RGA in Jim Thorpe


"First thing I will try to do is get to work, after all the paper must get out. If that is not possible, what I do next depends on if we have power. With power I will just putter around the house doing some of the things I keep telling my wife that I will fix when I have time. If we have no power that will be OK. Until it gets dark I will do things around the house. After dark, I am reading a very good book and I can read that by flashlight or by candle light. All in all, not a bad way to spend a day."

Len Alabovitz, TIMES NEWS Plant Manager


"Well, no matter how much it snows the Blackberry keeps buzzing but, the best part of being snowed in is ALWAYS going to be getting outside with my son and daughter while they still think building a snowman with their Dad is cool. (Not to mention sleigh riding too.) No matter how much longer that will be, it won't be long enough for me. Plus, I can pretend the Blackberry fell in a snow drift for a few hours, too!

"While we're talking snow I also want to give a big 'thank you' to the hard working men and women who are out there all night and all day during and after storms plowing our roads and making sure our lights and heat stay on they do an incredible job and just don't get enough appreciation. I don't know how they do it and then have to go home and shovel their own driveways and sidewalks!"

Keith R. McCall, State Representative and Pennsylvania Speaker of the House, Carbon County

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