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Arrogant politiciansare destroying America

Published December 11. 2010 09:00AM

It is clear to me that our members of congress have forgotten their primary mission, to protect and preserve the Constitution. That mission has been thrown away and replaced with a rash of unconstitutional legislation and needless bills that mortgage our future.

The Food Safety Act, ObamaCare, the DREAM Act, changes in regulations for carbon emissions, the regulation of the Internet, are just a few examples. Taken together, they will financially cripple America and trample on our constitutional rights. Further proof of the politicians' inability to protect Americans and our way of life can be found in their actions.

One of the key documents released in the Wikileaks debacle demonstrates that our elected officials and our government knew that we ourselves are funding terrorist attacks against the United States of America. (

The leaked document identified that our government knew with certainty that rich Saudis are bankrolling Al Qaeda. Where does this money come from? It comes from the oil we purchase from the Saudis.

Here's how it works. We buy Saudi oil while we prevent drilling off our coasts with executive orders and legislation. We prevent oil companies from opening up and drilling in ANWR, (the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge), and we slow the drilling process in the Bakker oil basin. As our oil production rates drop, we have to make up the difference by purchasing oil from Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations.

We currently import over one million barrels of Saudi oil each and every day at a cost of over $300 billion each year. The Saudis, now enriched by our oil money, provide the funding required for Al Qaeda to attack the United States of America. They line their own pockets, and then they finance our destruction through donations to Al Qaeda and other Jihadi terrorists.

The Wikileaks cable clearly documents that our government is aware of the Saudis funding terrorism yet does nothing. Is it possible that our government wants a strong Al Qaeda so that they can push through the legislation they need to restrict the rights of Americans or wage war in Afghanistan? Has our government been purchased by the Saudis and other OPEC nations?

The recent TSA porn and poke inspections were marketed to the people as a necessary compromise between freedom and security. We are told that we have to give up some freedom when flying to ensure our security.

Well if you want to ensure our security, stop buying Saudi oil and stop funding Al Qaeda! Bring our own vast reserves of oil, natural gas and coal to market so that we can be energy independent.

My next example of our politicians actively working against the best interest of the American people is the failure to approve a budget. Each summer our politicians are expected to compile and pass a budget for the next operating year which starts on October 1.

On Wednesday evening, the Democrats demonstrated that they have gone mad in this lame duck congress (see my July 24th article that predicted this The House passed a spending resolution that funds the government until the end of September. This is unprecedented!

There will be no budget this year. Instead departments will be given money, albeit a little less than last year, to spend without congressional budgetary approval or oversight. This means that the administration has given up on a budget and will let Departments operate without one. Without a budget, the government can spend Willy-nilly.

This catchall bill completely bypasses the House Appropriations Committee, a critical congressional process, so politicians' can squander our wealth.

Most families have a household budget so they can manage their spending and hopefully save for their future. Arrogant politicians in the House knowingly bypassed the budgetary process, again rewriting the constitution to fit their needs.

Clearly, it is time to ban continuing resolutions and "catchall" spending bills. If congress can't pass a properly considered budget, then the government should shut down.

I believe they passed this resolution out of fear. The incoming Tea Party representatives may not be cowed into accepting a crisis budget. The best way to avoid a battle at the beginning of the year is to eliminate the need for one.

As a result of this preemptive law, our newly elected representatives will not be able to force budgetary constraint over government operations. The Democrats will say that the resolution contains spending cuts.

Yes, there is a small cut. But, the resolution could enable our money to be used at the discretion of the departments instead of the Congress. The speed with which this bill was introduced and passed, after some of us were in bed, means that it has not been properly considered.

My gut feel is that few if any of our representatives read or considered the bill. We know that they did not debate it.

Wednesday night our elected representatives worked overtime. The House passed the DREAM Act to grant amnesty to many illegal aliens. Conservatives across America have phoned and faxed our representatives in Washington letting them know that we vehemently oppose this legislation.

We want illegals deported as they broke the law, sneaked across our borders and they continue to work without visas or a green card, robbing Americans of jobs. (I don't believe that they take jobs Americans won't do. The Unemployed Americans I know are willing to take any job to feed their families).

Instead of working on a budget or insuring Americans have energy self-sufficiency, the House wants to increase the tax burden on us. They want us to pay for welfare, education, and medical care of the newly legalized aliens.

The DREAM Act was not and is not a priority! The illegals are here and they're not going home voluntarily. They will be pleased to stay here another four or six months while we implement the legislation we need to ensure that government spending is controlled and that encourages businesses to expand and hire workers.

Granting blanket amnesty is a travesty that rewards unlawful immigration. I'll bet the borders will be swarming with a new batch of illegals before the weekend! As I write this, our only hope is that the Senate will reject the DREAM act and the catchall spending bills.

My next item concerns the economy. Rather than creating an environment that encourages job growth, our Congress has decided to extend unemployment insurance benefits. The current debate over extending the Bush tax cuts and extended unemployment benefits has placed the President in a difficult position with his own party.

I believe that President Obama had a lightning bolt moment this week when he realized that our economy is going to continue to degrade as long as there is uncertainty in the tax rates. Businessmen do not know what the taxes will be on their profits. They are holding off on investing until they know what rules will be in place.

Now that the President has had his brainstorm, he has joined forces with the Republicans to ensure that all Americans are safe from crippling tax increases. This is his first reach across the aisle to seek a compromise. I hope he continues to reach across the aisle in the coming months.

As for the Democrats, they need to get on board. You cannot raise taxes in the middle of a recession. We need the wealthy to finance the recovery. Increasing taxes on them will just send their money overseas to other more business friendly jurisdictions.

My message to the President and the Congress is clear. Work for the American people, not against them. Stop the indirect funding of terrorist attacks on America. Let the Saudis drown in their own oil. Pass a real budget, not a resolution!

More importantly, pass a balanced budget! We must end deficit spending and start paying down our debt. With tax certainty, a balanced budget, and energy independence, America will grow.

As our economy improves and we put Americans back to work, the treasury will be filled with tax dollars from the paychecks of the newly employed. By putting people back to work, we can pay down the debt.

I look forward to the day when America is owned by Americans and not by the Chinese or the Arabs. It is time to send a message to our politicians to restore America and the American dream or they will be thrown out in the 2012 elections.

© 2010 Gordon Smith, All Rights Reserved

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