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Deer camp remembered

Published December 04. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

How many of you, have ever hunted from an old log cabin, nestled in the woods? It is a special experience, filled with sounds and smells, you carry in memories for the rest of your life. A cabin is not a home, not a hotel or motel filled with modern conveniences; it is a rustic, humble place, just comfortable enough to survive in. If you are lucky, a warm bunk to rest your tired body, at the day's end. Not much in the way of heat either, other than a small pot belly stove, tucked in a corner, with the smell of coffee filling the air. As you awaken from a restless night of sleep, you have hopes of a new fallen snow to help in tracking the buck of your dreams. Try as you may, it is hard to sit and relax; plans are formulated in your mind, on how the hunt will be approached for the day.

There have been times, when another hunter at camp has taken a deer, in the days prior. The buck/bucks may be hanged from the porch, which gives you more incentives to brave the cold weather, while hunting from a stand or still-hunting on ground. A cabin is more than a shelter; it is the hub of the hunt! As you exit from this warm cozy abode, the ground may be blanketed in white fluffy snow. A smile comes upon your face, a sense that today will be the day, the day you take the biggest buck of your life.

The sun is breaking through the clouds with hues of color, indicating a comfortable day in the woods. Questions do arise, such as; will the deer be moving this morning, will my arrow or bullet meet it's target effectively and is time on my side? Making the first steps away from the cabin is as if you are entering into something magical.

Each day brings a new adventure your way; it can be a turkey sounding off as it flies down from roost. It could be coyotes calling off in the distance or close by, sending shrivers up your spine. The fresh snow is like an artist's canvas, with animal tracks painting a picture for you to interpret. You venture furthest from the cabin seeking out new territories to explore. Every tree and bush filed in your mind, as the lines on a road map, for you to return by. No matter if you are successful or not, the day is filled with wonderment.

If luck is on your side, and you happen to harvest a nice buck, the drag back allows you time to get the facts straight. You know you will have to tell a story that is like no other, one filled with technical and fictional twists and turns. The cabin now becomes a Storyteller's haven, a secure place where all who enter feel welcome and look forward to hearing about the other hunter's day in the backwoods.

Hunting from a rustic cabin is like no other experience, the structure becomes as important as the game animals gone after. It is like a friend, one who provides you with emotional fulfillment, one you look forward to visiting as often as you possibly can and one providing physical comfort.

Plan a hunt such as this and you will enrich your life, and for the Hunters-of-Age, I hope this brings back fond memories to your hunts and life!

The woods and waters are for all to enjoy.


Michael Harvan

58 Floral Drive


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