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Census concern

Published August 04. 2010 08:13AM

A woman in Ashfield called the TIMES NEWS to inform us that three diffenent census workers visited her, all seeking the same information.

All had identification from the census bureau. All asked general questions such as whether she owns her residence, her age, and how long she's lived at the home.

She's convinced all were census workers.

She said the visit was necessary because Ashfield residents have a post office box so they couldn't submit their information by mail.

This shouldn't be. If there is confusion by the census bureau, does this mean there's going to be inaccurate counts in the totals? Will info taken by the woman who called us be computed more than once?

Was it actual census workers who came to her house three times? We recommend if a similar occurrence happens, to notify police so they can very the authenticity of the census worker.

A lot of scams are occurring and hopefully the woman in Ashfield isn't being victimized. She insists no personal information was given; that all three visitors asked the same questions.

Hopefully the problem will get remedied.

Most important, anyone else being visited more than once should notify local officials to let them know about the visitors. If it's documented that there was more than one visit, then census bureau officials should be notified.

The census is important to local municipalities. If problems are occurring in a small village like Ashfield, how can you trust the census to have accurate counts in more congested areas?

By Ron Gower

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