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Bears, Indians split

  • bob ford/times news Pleasant Valley's Brittany Dunay hands the baton to teammate Althea Ross during the 3200 meter relay.
    bob ford/times news Pleasant Valley's Brittany Dunay hands the baton to teammate Althea Ross during the 3200 meter relay.
Published April 28. 2010 05:00PM

Lehighton traveled to Pleasant Valley on Tuesday to compete in its annual Mountain Valley Conference track meet.

The MVC rivals split on the day, with the Bears taking the boys' meet and the Indians taking the girls'. The Pleasant Valley boys did most of their damage in the track events by taking all six races. Meanwhile, the Lehighton girls earned their victory by winning the majority of the field events.

Vanessa Rimbey and Abby Frey once again led the way for Lehighton. Rimbey won all four of the events she competed in, including the 100 hurdles, the high jump, the long jump and the 400-meter relay. The super windy conditions had both a positive and a negative affect on Rimbey. Regardless, she still managed to come away with four first-place finishes.

"I didn't expect to do as well as I did today because of the wind," said Rimbey. "It was really windy and really cold, but it worked to my advantage in two of my events. I had a tail wind in the hurdles - which helped. Then it also gave me an extra boost in the long jump because it was at my back.

"I was very pleased with my long jump. I have been a little disappointed with how I have been performing in the long jump. I've been working on getting my legs up higher and it feels really good to come out and jump an 18-1."

The wind didn't seem to hinder Frey much either. In fact, Frey broke her own school record in the 100-meter dash with a time of 12.2 seconds. She bettered her time by one-tenth of a second.

Frey also took first in the 200-meter dash and joined Rimbey and two others on the winning 400-meter relay team. She finished second in her fourth event - the long jump - behind Rimbey.

"The conditions were just horrible today, but luckily I had a back-wind in the 100," said Frey. "I think I may have had my fastest time today so I was pretty happy with that. I got out of the blocks a little shaky, but I pulled it out in the end

"I did pretty well in the 200 as well. Then in the long jump, Vanessa and I just competed against each other. She got me this time."

Sam Klingel was the only Lady Bear to win two events on the day. She placed first in both the 1600-meter and 3200-meter endurance races. Teammate Amira Jones also had a good showing in the triple jump, as she jumped over a foot further than the state-qualifying distance.

"Sam had some pretty good times," said Pleasant Valley head coach Mike Wertman. "She didn't really have anyone pushing her, but she always works hard. We will know what she has come Friday night. She will be going up against some of the Lehigh Valley's best. She can compete with any girl down there. She just hasn't had a chance to show it yet."

Leading the way for the Pleasant Valley boys was Keegan Bray and Evan Makuvek. Bray took both of the sprints, while Makuvek took the 800-meter and 1600-meter races.

"Keegan is only a freshman," said Wertman. "Right now our freshman class is coming along real strong and he is one of the leaders of that group.

"Evan ran real well as well. I can't believe he ran a 5:07. I know he can run in the mid-fours, but today with the wind - that is a great race."

Nate Black was Lehighton's lone multi-winner. As expected, he won both hurdles events with a time of 15.8 (110M) and 40.9 (300M).

Pleasant Valley's Jalen Blot was the runner-up in both hurdles races. He did manage a first-place though by winning the triple jump.


Lehighton 82, Pleasant Vy. 68

100M - 1. Abby Frey (L) 12.2, 2. Sage Terrembula (L), 3. Naomi Cayo-Nelson (PV).

200M - 1. Abby Frey (L) 26.46, Sage Terrembula (L), 3. Naomi Cayo-Nelson (PV).

400M - 1. Emily Mieles (PV) 1:10.9, 2. Lauren McCullion (L), 3. Kelly Klapatch (PV).

800M - 1. Brittany Dunay (PV) 2:48, 2 Althea Ross (PV), 3. Lacey Halderman (L).

1600M - 1. Sam Klingel (PV) 5:55, 2. Stacy Wojy (PV), 3. Emily Oldt (L).

3200M - 1. Sam Klingel (PV) 12:58, 2. Stacy Wojy (PV), 3. Emily Oldt (L).

100 HH - 1. Vanessa Rimbey (L) 16.19, 2. Amber Wojtkowski (PV), 3. Lauren Michalik (L).

300 IH - 1. Alanna Liptak (PV) 55.07, 2. Haley Coleman (L), 3. Mallory Snook (PV).

400M Relay - 1. Lehighton (Terrembula , Frey, McConville, Rimbey) 52.7, 2. Pleasant Valley (McGill, Cayo-Nelson, Crenshaw, Marbury).

1600M Relay - 1. Pleasant Valley (Mieles, Klapatch, Telepo, McGill) 5:32.8.

3200M Relay - 1. Pleasant Valley (Klingel, Dunay, Ross, Wojy) 11:17, 2. Lehighton (McCullion, Haldeman, Coleman, McConville).

Long jump - 1. Vanessa Rimbey (L) 18-1 1/2, 2. Abby Frey (L), 3. Sage Terrembula (L).

Triple jump - 1. Amira Jones (PV) 37-5, 2. Brittany Dunay (PV), 3. Alexis Gerber (L).

High jump - 1. Vanessa Rimbey (L) 5-4, 2. Normani Marbury (PV), 3. Amber Wojtkowski (PV).

Shot put - 1. Sarah Keer (L) 31-3, 2. Sheena White (L), 3. Jen McKee (PV).

Discus - 1. Sheena White (L) 86-10, 2. Chey Davis (L), 3. Molly Droelle (PV).

Javelin - 1. Corrine McConville (L) 102-5, 2. Lauren McCullion (L), 3. Sarah Keer (L).

Pole vault - 1. Jordyn Miller (L) 7-6, 2. Amira Jones (PV), 3. Alexis Gerber (L).


Pleasant Vy. 96, Lehighton 54

100M - 1. Keegan Bray (PV) 11.61, 2. Guiseppe Caruso (L), 3. Jon Rabenold (L).

200M - 1. Keegan Bray (PV) 23.08, 2. Cory Kresge (L), 3. Billy Angst (L).

400M - 1. Cody Matlock (PV) 53.2, 2. Rich Forte (PV), 3. Levi Haldeman (L).

800M - 1. Evan Makuvek (PV) 2:09.7, 2. Rob Nichols (PV), 3. Leon Adams (L).

1600M - 1. Evan Makuvek (PV) 5:07, 2. Tom O'Leary (PV), 3. Schyler Jacobsen (PV).

3200M - 1. Curran Kneebone (PV) 10:39, 3. J.D. Patterson (PV), 3. Anthony Ruiz (PV).

110 HH - 1. Nate Black (L) 15.8, 2. Jalen Blot (PV), 3. Lewis Leiterman (PV).

300 IH - 1. Nate Black (L) 40.89, 2. Jalen Blot (PV), 3. Tarik Williams (PV).

400M Relay - 1. Lehighton (Angst, Caruso, Rabenold, Kresge) 46.2, 2. Pleasant Valley (Johnson, Brey, Woodruff, Percy).

1600M Relay - 1. Pleasant Valley (Forte, Woodruff, Natale, Matlock) 3:40.8.

3200M Relay - 1. Pleasant Valley (Makuvek, Nichols, Ruiz, Robinson) 9:38, 2. Lehighton (Adams, Mangiamele, Magyar, Radler).

Long jump - 1. Cory Kresge (L) 22-9 , 2. Ian Christman (L), 3. Hiram Woodruff (PV).

Triple jump - 1. Jalen Blot (PV) 38-8 1/2, 2. Max Sander (PV), 3. Josh Perry (PV).

High jump - 1. Josiah Evans (L) 5-10, 2. Tarik Williams (PV), 3. John Strauss (L)/Arnold Kim (PV).

Shot put - 1. Dekembe Smith (PV) 39-2, 2. Eric Whiteman (L), 3. Kashian Scrivens (PV).

Discus - 1. Levi Haldeman (L) 131-1, 2. Tom Heath (PV), 3. Ian Christman (L).

Javelin - 1. Doug Kenely (PV) 142-7, 2. Guiseppi Caruso (PV), 3. Rob Nagy (PV).

Pole vault - 1. Ben Desotelle (PV) 12-0, 2. Lucas Millen (L), 3. John DeLeo (PV).

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