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Identifying risk

Published April 17. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

We are all human and we all live in an imperfect world, risk is always with us. Mostly, we act on imperfect and incomplete information. We do the best we can but no matter what we do, something else completely unexpected, will affect us in the end.

I attended the borough council meeting on Wednesday, March 31, at 6:30 p.m., at Memorial Park, Jim Thorpe. Kim Mazur of Entech Engineering, Reading, was present to address questions from community members present about the installation of projectory backflow prevention apparatus project on in-home furnaces to prevent backflow of water back into the borough water system as possibility of source for contamination.

Among those attending the meeting were numerous residents mostly elderly, plumbing contractors, and others with concerns about this project.

Questions were asked.

Questions dealt mostly with pressure fluctuations, especially those caused as a result of outside water hydrant use, hydrant required drainage need, and street water pipe leaks. Following such an incidence, checks of in-home furnaces are necessary. Furnace pressure fluctuations are cause for explosions and when compounded by resulting additional problems, can become life threatening and will if tested. These are risks posed by outside imposers.

In-home checks are at the owner's expense and it is doubtful home insurance covers this expense.

Since the project is under the Stimulus Reform Grant to Carbon County, Borough of Jim Thorpe and Technology, safety information is insufficient or lacking, these concerns should be addressed to the Department of Environmental Protection for response to alleviate all concern.

Backflow may prevent public water contamination but safety risks to homeowners, if left at risk, does affect the quality of life, therefore, are life threatening and need justifying.

Thank you.

Kathleen F. Jones

Jim Thorpe

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