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JT sweeps Marian Olympians' Reis, Susko set records

  • JT sweeps Marian Olympians' Reis, Susko set records
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Published April 01. 2010 05:00PM

The Jim Thorpe track team didn't wait long to start setting records.

In their first league meet of the season, senior Hilary Reis and sophomore Kayla Susko each set new school records in the Olympians' afternoon match-up with Marian. Together the two led the girls' team to a 96-44 victory over the Fillies.

Reis was the first to set a record on the day. She broke her own record in the high jump with a leap of 5-4 topping her previous best by two inches. After initially breaking the record with a jump of 5-3, Reis leapt clean over the bar at 5-4 on her second attempt to re-set the mark.

"Monday in practice I actually jumped 5-3," said Reis, who also finished second in the 400-meter run and the triple jump. "It was really exciting because I have never jumped over 5-2 before in my life. So I expected 5-3 today, but definitely not 5-4.

"Now I will try to consistently jump 5-3 and 5-4. Hopefully I can get up to 5-5. My second attempt was really close. I am hoping it will lead me to a better medal position at states."

Finishing ahead of Reis in the 400-meter run and setting a new record of her own in the process was Susko with a time of 1:02.6. Surprisingly, it was literally the first time Susko has tried the event since last year.

"I am really surprised," said Susko. "I didn't go in expecting anything of myself. It was only my first time. I've never even run it before in practice. Last year we had 400-repeats and that was the only time."

Susko also won two other events. Although she was not pleased with her time in the 800-meter run, she came in first with a time of 2:48.1. There was only one track event between the 400 and the 800 races and Susko admitted that she was tired.

"I am very happy with my performance today," Susko said. "But to improve, I need to learn how to transition from event to event. I was very tired in the 800. I expect more out of myself than a 2:48."

On top of that, Susko was proud to be a member of the winning 1600-meter relay team. Susko and Reis, along with Sam Harland and Ashley Nicola, won with a time of 4:25.

Nicola and JaAshia Page each put in their own work and won two individual events. Nicola took top honors in both the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes, while Page finished first in the long jump and the triple jump.

Sophomore PJ Johnson did his best to help Jim Thorpe complete the sweep, as he helped his boys' team to a 73-68 win. Johnson won three events on the day, including the 100-meter dash, the long jump and the high jump. He was also a member of the winning 400-meter relay team.

"PJ is new to the sport, so what he has done so far is pretty remarkable," said Jim Thorpe head coach Frank Miller. "All his hard work is paying off. He, along with some others, is a part of the core group that is going to lead us this year."

Fellow Olympians Carl St. Hill and Kareem Mickens each contributed to the winning effort. They won the 200-meter dash and the 400-meter run respectively. Each was on two winning relay teams as well.

The bright spot for Marian was Michael Stauffer, who won both of the boys' hurdle races. He came in with a time of 17.8 in the 110HH and 44.9 in the 300IH.

"I guess for the beginning of the season it felt pretty good," said Stauffer. "I still have some work to do. My times aren't where I want them to be.

"I am happy that I finished first, but those times won't cut it for districts. I have to work on my form, my arms and my speed. I need to get out faster."


Jim Thorpe 96, Marian 44

100M - 1. Ashley Nicola (JT) 13.0, 2. Emily Kennedy (M), 3. Amelia Herman (JT)/Devin Porambo (M).

200M - 1. Nicola (JT) 27.9, 2. JaAshia Page (JT), 3. Kennedy (M).

400M - 1. Kayla Susko (JT) 1:02.6, 2. Hilary Reis (JT), 3. Emma Boyle (M).

800M - 1. Susko (JT) 2:48.1, 2. Caitlin Liscinski (JT), 3. Gina McElmoyle (JT).

1600M - 1. Corinne Markiewicz (M) 6:09, 2. Erin Bucci (JT), 3. Liscinski (JT).

3200M - 1. Katie Owens (M) 14:00, 2. Bucci (JT), 3. Molly Balliet (M).

100HH - 1. Meredith Brisbane (JT) 16.9, 2. Sam Harlan (JT), 3. Amelia Herman (JT).

300IH - 1. Harlan (JT) 51.0, 2. Brisbane (JT), 3. Erin Nehatchek (M).

400M Relay - 1. Jim Thorpe (Harlan, Nicola, Herman, Page) 52.3.

1600M Relay - 1. Jim Thorpe (Harlan, Reis, Susko, Nicola) 4:25.

3200M Relay - 1. Marian (Markiewicz, O'Donnell, Collevechio, Balliet) 11:53.

Shot Put - 1. Audrey Maff (M) 28-8 _, 2. Gillian Ferko (M), Ellyn Tomko (JT).

Discus - 1. Ferko (M) 104, 2. Marissa Cantelmi (JT), 3. Tomko (JT).

Javelin - 1. Kaycee Gustie (M) 87-4, 2. Chelsea Smelas (JT), 3. Cantelmi (JT).

Long Jump - 1. Page (JT) 16-1 _, 2. Mylena Gilkes (JT), Elle Seier (JT).

Triple Jump - 1. Page (JT) 32-10, 2. Reis (JT) 30-3, 3. Ferko (M).

High Jump - 1. Reis (JT) 5-4, 2. Alex Hutta (M), 3. Courtney Martenelli (M).


Jim Thorpe 73, Marian 68

100M - 1. PJ Johnson (JT) 11.4, 2. Carl St. Hill (JT), 3. Paul Martin (M).

200M - 1. St. Hill (JT) 23.4, 2. Alex Garcia (JT), 3. Martin (M).

400M - 1. Kareem Mickens (JT) 54.6, 2. Scott Lignore (JT), 3. Justin Huegel (M).

800M - 1. Kyle Bradley (JT) 2:21.6, 2. Philip Marzen (M), 3. James Ramer (M).

1600M - 1. Huegel (M) 5:19.1, 2. Marzen (M), 3. Matt Curran (JT).

3200M - 1. Mike Legath (M) 12:15, 2. David Paul (M), 3. Nathan Flick (JT).

110 HH - 1. Michael Stauffer (M) 17.8, 2. Bob Kelly (M), 3. Phil Schron (JT).

300 IH - 1. Stauffer (M) 44.9, 2. Kelly (M), 3. John Julian (M).

400M Relay - 1. Jim Thorpe (Fogel, St. Hill, Garcia, Johnson) 44.7.

1600M Relay - 1. Jim Thorpe (Garcia, Mickens, Lignore, St. Hill) 3:42.

3200M Relay - 1. Jim Thorpe (Gehres, Mickens, Bradley, Lignore) 9:51.

Shot Put - 1. Jack Rayan (M) 38, 2. Alex Garber (M), 3. Pat Beers (JT).

Discus - 1. Dylan Baranowsky (M) 111-10, 2. Beers (JT), 3. Ben Moore (JT).

Javelin - 1. Moore (JT) 143-9, 2. Beers (JT), 3. Matt Yaich (M).

Long Jump - 1. Johnson (JT) 19-9, 2. Kyle Garber (M), Chris Barletta (M).

Triple Jump - 1. Garber (M) 37-3, 2. Garcia (JT), 3. Kelly (M).

High Jump - 1. Johnson (JT) 5-10, 2. Garber (M), 3. Barletta (M).

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