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Term limits

Published November 13. 2009 05:00PM

p"With Congressional term limits, Washington could be cleaned up with new generations of politicians who are closer to the people. They will spend less time getting re-elected and more time attending

to the work of the American people."Philip Blumel, President of U.S. Term Limits.

Senator Jim DeMint has proposed an amendment to the Constitution imposing 6-year and 12-year terms on Representatives and Senators as "an historic opportunity to bring an end to an era of oppressive political oligarchy that threatens the very fabric of representative government."

Oligarchy, according to Webster's, is "a form of government in which power is in the hands of a few."

And isn't that what our country has become?

If you're fed up and disgusted, as we are, with the way our country is being run, by a team of politicians who worry more about their own futures than the futures of the people who elected them, then it's time to do something about it. Americans are being encouraged nationwide to support a non-partisan push.

Does it stand a snowball's chance in Hedes in being passed? Maybe not, considering who would be voting on such a measure. But it sure is worth a try, and it's certainly worth the American public delivering a message that many lifetime members of Congress have outlived their usefulness.

New Congressmen would bring new ideas, new energy, and new proposals to the country. New blood is what the nation needs, not stale old-guard mentality that career politicians bring to the table.

According to DeMint's proposed amendment, which is co-sponsored by Senators Tom Coburn, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Sam Brownback, U.S. Representatives would be limited to three, two-year terms, and Senators two, six-year terms.

Said DeMint, "Term limits will increase legislative turnover, expand the field of candidates who run for office, and instill transparency and accountability in our public officials," saying that the power of incumbency had created "an almost insurmountable advantage for Washington politicians."

We agree.

And Blumel pointed out that today, the U.S. has the longest serving members in Congress in its history. And as a result of these out-of-touch career politicians, the fiscal house is on the brink of ruin "... The national debt has never been larger nor the electorate more discontented with Congress."

Change is needed. Let your feelings be known. Contact your congressman, and see if he has the courage to support such a measure.

Bob Urban

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