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Bowmanstown council discusses leaf removal

Published November 04. 2009 05:00PM

Since Bowmanstown does not have the equipment to pick up leaves, the council on Tuesday said residents should bag leaves and put them out for garbage pickup as was done in previous years.

Councilman Ernie Guldner said he saw where a woman had raked leaves into the street, but when he said that was not allowed, she bagged them and cleared the street. Many people seem to think the borough will pick them up from the street, but without the equipment that is impossible.

The grant for Lime Street of $66,000 has to be used by June. The council was told to hold up on improvements until the community development block grants are announced and the two amounts can be combined. Guldner said he has been waiting for the announcement of a CDBG meeting with the county.

Mayor Keith Billig asked about some curbing that is still staked whereas other areas have had the curbing put in. Engineer Ted Stevenson said it is up to the property owners to do the curbing.

Solicitor Jim Preston presented a legal memo about the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund ordinance. His opinion has not changed. He believes it may open the borough to a lawsuit.

East Penn Township's internal ordinances about the sewage that will be treated in Bowmanstown do not concern the borough except for one listing prohibited waste. That one has not yet been written as far as is known.

Kerry Paulus bought land at Meadowcrest. The borough wants an escrow account that may be drawn down making the improvements. An agreement would also permit Preston and Stevenson to review all proposed work. Phasing and who pays for what work would have to be reviewed.

Councilman William Ravert said the council has to familiarize itself with the Meadowcrest work and perhaps request a presentation.

Preston said there are several possibilities for assessing Lower Towamensing residents whose homes front on Craig Street, but he is not ready to present them at this time.

Stevenson met with Bill Richards of Rep. Keith McCall's office and several members of council at the Lawane Hahn property, 643 Fireline Rd., to see what can be done about a wet spot that Hahn believes is caused by the sanitary sewer.

Stevenson suggested one method of correcting it is with $700 in materials for an underdrain. The sewer is six to eight feet below the wet spot. There is also a wet spot on a neighboring property.

Billig asked why the borough should fix something that is not its responsibility, and if it does make repairs it accepts liability. Preston said the cause is not definitely known and should be before the borough accepts responsibility.

There is also the possibility that the neighbors will then want their wet spots fixed.

Council president Burdell Steigerwalt suggested waiting for Richards' comments. It would be discussed further in executives session after the meeting.

Another meeting is being set up with personnel before the budget is completed.

Steps at the camp grove come directly to the edge of Mill Street. Stevenson said the sidewalk area is supposed to be kept clear.

A part is needed to prevent shorting out a block heater at the treatment plant. It will cost $190 and council was asked if the workers should install it.

Ravert said secretary Tracy Burbage should check to see who is authorized to do service and if they have been checking the plant annually. That person or company should install the part.

Innovative Electrical installed a main breaker. The quote had been $1,465 and council wanted to know why the bill was over $3,000. It included other work that increased the amount.

A Home Depot recreation grant has been applied for.

The Nov. 4 hearing for Duane Schleicher at District Justice Bruce Appleton's office has been moved to Dec. 2 with the exact time not known.

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