A Nesquehoning woman is facing drug charges after police allegedly found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in her apartment.

Borough Police Chief Sean Smith has charged Dawn Carter, 47, of 58 W. Columbus Ave., Apt. B, with possession of a controlled substance-marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Smith said on Aug. 4 about 5:48 p.m. Frederick Brown arrived at the police station to report he had just observed a drug sale at the apartment building he owns at 58 W. Columbus Ave, and further that he had been receiving complaints from neighbors advising him they smelled burnt marijuana coming from the apartment, where Carter resides.

Brown and Smith went to the apartment of Carter. Brown confronted her about the alleged sale and the complaints he received, to which Carter responded, "Search if you want to."

Smith then secured permission to search her room in the apartment. Smith noted that Carter's mother rented the apartment and that the defendant stayed there.

During the search Smith found a metal marijuana grinder on a dresser in the apartment with fresh resin of the drug in it. Carter first said the grinder had been given to her and she kept it because she liked the skull picture that was on it and further claimed she did not know it was a marijuana grinder.

Smith then searched garbage in the apartment and located clear plastic baggies and suspected marijuana roaches right on top of the garbage. Carter said that she had people living with her and one was arrested on warrants. Carter further stated she cleaned their room and dumped everything into her garbage can. Smith then told Carter he didn't believe her and seized the evidence he found.

Brown was shown the items by Smith. Brown then told Carter he was evicting her mother and her from the apartment. Smith later field tested the grinder and it tested positive for marijuana.