Northern Lehigh's girls soccer team knew that undefeated Salisbury would be a challenge.

From the opening kick, Salisbury applied immediate pressure onto the Northern Lehigh half of the field and came away with a 4-0 Colonial League win.

The Lady Falcons had a few shots on goal within the first 10 minutes of the game, and six minutes in, had their first corner kick. Salisbury ended up totaling six corner kicks throughout the game.

Salisbury head coach Rick Babyak preached using the entire width of the field.

"We always say to attack from the flanks and get the balls across," said Babyak.

It seemed as if Northern Lehigh was not used to defending a team that widened the field as much as Salisbury did. This opened up many opportunities for the Falcons in the middle. One of the Falcons' four goals was off of a beautiful cross sent into the box, where Sarah Riley scored her second goal in two consecutive games.

The Falcons had no problem generating offense as they accumulated 31 shots on goal.

Leading the way for Salisbury was Mackenzie Groff, who scored the game's first two goals in the first half. Katie Bucchin scored for the Falcons as well just before halftime.

"All I preach is possession," Babyak said. "In this game you want to go forward. Sometimes you have to switch fields, take it slow, and then attack."

Northern Lehigh ended up with just one shot on goal.

"We're a very inexperienced team. We start seven underclassmen. They're good players, but the physicality at this level is a huge step up for the kids," explained Northern Lehigh hed coach Jason Reinhard. "After the first few games, some of the younger kids are scared to get in there because they're afraid to get hit."

There were however some standouts for Northern Lehigh. Senior goalie Brooke Seyler made some incredible saves in order to hold Salisbury to four goals.

"Brooke has been our starter for a few years now. She had 210 saves last year, and by the time she graduates, she will be Northern Lehigh's all time leader in saves," Reinhard said.

Junior Emily Bevans was also impressive. She was the most physical player on the field; and clearly the vocal leader of this team. Reinhard said of her, "Nobody can run or lift with her. She is one of the hardest working kids I've ever coached."

This game will be used as a motivator moving forward into the season for Northern Lehigh.

"At halftime we were emotionally down as you could imagine," Reinhard noted. "I told the girls to remember how you felt at halftime today. We never want to feel this way again."