The town of Lansford was 'captured' and martial law declared during a living history Civil War encampment scenario held at the No. 9 Mine and Museum in Lansford on Sunday.

"To the residents of Lansford, Pennsylvania. Due to the recent hostilities between your country and ours, in accordance with the articles of war and the confederate States of America, the 8th Georgia, Co. A. 1st Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, General Robert E. Lee, Commanding, does hereby take control of this town. No harm to any civilians will be tolerated and all civil law will be respected." said reenactor Sergeant Major Barry Langley Sr. "Lansford will now be under martial law until further notice."

The two-day event also consisted of a ransom scenario involving spectators and the company's search for $100,000 worth gold bullion.

Mine volunteer Dale Freudenberger said, "Visitors learned about what life was like for soldiers during the battle, as well as seeing what a typical camp looked like, what kind of dress they wore, and the struggles they faced."

The encampment also included multiple musket firing, military tribunal and cooking demonstrations. Flag history and etiquette was also presented by the Carbon Navy Club ship 260.

In addition to the reenactment, visitors were able to tour the historic No. 9 Coal Mine, which opened in 1855, and experience what it was like to work underground in a coal mine.

No. 9 Mine President Dave Kuchta stated his appreciation to all the volunteers, reenactors and visitors that came out in support of the mine and museum.