Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Company on Tuesday offered a fire prevention program to students at Franklin Elementary School to celebrate Fire Prevention Week.

The program began inside the school, where students were taught how to dial 9-1-1 in the event of emergencies, how to stop - drop - and roll to put out a fire on your person; and they also took part in a fire drill, which taught them how to exit a burning building in an orderly fashion.

"This year we focused on kitchen fires," said Bruce Wolfe, fire chief. "We wanted the kids to know about kitchen safety. Kids shouldn't be around stoves. Their parents should be doing the cooking."

This year firefighters added another presentation.

They showed the children the awesome power of piston-rod hydraulic tools known as cutters, spreaders and rams, which are used to pry open vehicles involved in accidents when a victim may be trapped.

"First we're going to take out the windshield and then the doors before we cut off the roof," said Wolfe. "We remove the car from around the person so the EMTs can get right into the car and start first aid."

The program entranced kindergarten student Luna Planes. "I saw them take out the glass" she said. "The firemen make me feel safe."

For fourth grader, Ethan Evans, he said he thought the firefighters were "awesome."

"It makes me want to be a firefighter when I grow up," said Evans.

Student Dylan Galgoci said that while he is glad that the firefighters want to fight fires, he doesn't want to because he wouldn't feel safe going into the fire.

Franklin Township Fire Fighters have presented annual fire prevention programs to the school for more than 20 years.

"We also had our safety trailer here for the fourth graders," said Shawn Sheckler, lieutenant.

Wolfe added that more than 50 percent of the calls are for accidents. "We go to an awful lot of accidents. That is why we added using the tools today in our presentation."