Two Towamensing Township couples have honored with a preservation award.

Karl Rolappe, president of the Towamensing Township Historical Commission, told supervisors last week that a preservation award has been given to residents since 2010.

The award was given to residents who have done outstanding work to preserve one of the buildings or structures on the list of items over 100 years old. There are 130 on the list.

Awards went to Ralph and Mary Ann Ziegenfuss, who restored a barn on Strohls Valley Road and Maynard and Anna and Ronald Stout for keeping the Lower Pine Run One-Room Schoolhouse in excellent condition.

Ralph Ziegenfuss said when they bought their property the barn had been condemned.

Rollape said the open house at the Greenzweig School had been a great success. Former students who attended have been named Greenzweig School Alumni. Many of them became Historical Society volunteers.

Supervisor Tom Newman thanked Forest Inn Kiln for donating wood to the school project.


Rick and Nancy Collins appeared with surveyor Rudy Wolfe to ask for three waivers for a two-lot subdivision along Hazelwood Road. They are for an aquifer, a question about the access road, and the requirement to have an expert check for wetlands. This will be listed on the December agenda.

A resolution was passed to set a standard $5 moving fee. The will be raised to $15 if it is sought after the fact.

Carbon Engineering sent a letter showing what the Koch Bridge would look like with architectural enhancements. The bridge is on the schedule for replacement in 2014, but has been bumped previoulsy.

The plaque with the date of building and county commissioners' names from the present bridge will be placed on a monument and one bearing the commissioners' names when the replacement is complete will be on the new bridge.

Roadmaster Scott Mosier said a pipe had been replaced on Summer Mountain Road, dirt roads were graded, and winter maintenance is being done on equipment.

Resident George White said the dirt is settling where the township placed a new pipe across the road on Deer Lane. Supervisor Guy Seifert said it will be paved within the next two weeks. It had to have time to settle.