Eckley Miners Village has issued a call for additional volunteers to assist at the lower Luzerne County attraction.

Throughout the year, Eckley volunteers assist the village in various capacities, including serving as tour guides, performing living history demonstrations, or helping with grounds and building maintenance tasks.

A volunteer meeting will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday in the Visitors Center at Eckley Miners' Village. Karen Esak, coordinator, said, "If you are caught up in your regular routine and want to explore new experiences, meet new people, be a part of history and help save the past, come to Eckley Miners' Village and see if the volunteer program is right for you."

Eckley Miners' Village is an example of a planned nineteenth century industrial coal mining town. Companies often designed and constructed rural communities to house their employees in close proximity to the collieries or factories at which they worked.

The village, administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, represents the lives of immigrant anthracite coal miners and their families as they lived through the Industrial Revolution.

For information, visit [1] or call 570-636-2070. The village is located three miles south of Freeland on Highland Road, off Route 940. Enter the words Eckley, Pa. when using online mapping or GPS devices.