Two churches, Faith Mountain of the Poconos and Word of Faith of Allentown, combined to hold a Victorian Tea in the Chestnuthill Community Center. The flowered centerpieces were in teacups and lace covered the tables.

Mother Joanna Young asked Cathy Borden to give the blessing of the food.

Jenny Filey gave a handmade gift of a teapot with a cross to each person attending.

"When you're alive, it's a beautiful day," said Young.

As more people entered contributing more food to the overflowing table, she added, "Like the fish and the loaves, the food is multiplying."

A game was held as people portrayed a woman from the Bible. The first person to guess who was portrayed received a prize.

Pat Choirsky sang a song, "Sometimes," based on her recent hospital experiences.

"Sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's good," she sang.

There were prizes based on age such as for Amelice Slifer, 92 years old, the oldest person attending, who was there with her daughter, Janet Slifer.

Seven-year-old Sejan Wellington sang "I've Been Redeemed."

People headed for the overflowing potluck table and enjoyed conversation with dinner.

A closing comment from Young was, "Ladies, we are like a tea bag. The longer we are in hot water the stronger we get."