They get by with a little help from their friends.

Or, in this particular instance, a lot of help, as St. John Neumann Regional School has once again been awarded a $25,000 grant.

Sister Virginia Stephanie, principal, said the school has received the grant - courtesy of the Julius & Katheryn Hommer Foundation - for the fifth consecutive year.

Sister Stephanie noted that public schools throughout the state continue to struggle to balance their upcoming budgets, not to mention parents who choose to have their children educated in parochial schools.

"Although their taxes help support the public school system, their schools do not share in these taxes," Sister Stephanie said. "Therefore, it was particularly gratifying to the families and the parishioners who support St. John Neumann Regional School to learn they have the continued confidence of the Julius & Katheryn Hommer Foundation."

Sister Stephanie said the grant will be used to help defray operating costs, and to encourage others to give.

Peter Kern, Chairman of the Foundation's board of trustees, said the Board considers its grant to be an "investment" in the future leaders of our country.

Kern expressed his admiration for the academic and community achievements of the students of St. John Neumann.

He particularly praised the parishioners of the supporting churches for their financial sacrifices to help maintain the school's viability, and encouraged others to support the school to the extent they are able.

Sister Stephanie expressed appreciation on behalf of the entire St. John Neumann family for this gift. It came at a time when other sources of income have been under pressure due to the slowdown in the economy, she noted.

In February, the school received a $50,000 donation, which Sister Stephanie said would underwrite the technology program, tuition aid, and support the foreign language and arts programs.

St. John Neumann Regional School is fully accredited by the Commonwealth on Elementary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools. It welcomes students of all religious denominations and ethnic groups. Anyone who would like to pledge their support to the Challenge Grant, or for additional information, contact the Office of the Principal at (610)-826-2354.

Pupils in grades K-3 attend the school's Slatington campus, while students in grades 4-8 attend its Palmerton campus.

To arrange a personal tour of the school, call the Slatington campus at (610) 787-2935, or the Palmerton campus at (610) 826-2354.

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