McAdoo Police have cited a Weatherly woman for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Officers were on patrol on Feb. 2, at 2:12 a.m., when they observed a red Buick Rendezvous on South Kennedy Drive, stopped at the intersection with Blaine Street. The Buick was stopped well past the "stop here on red" line. Officers also noted an expired inspection sticker when they initiated a traffic stop.

The driver was identified as Dana L. Hunsinger, 33, of 221 Third St., Weatherly. A strong odor of alcohol was detected on Hunsinger, who also exhibited other signs of possible intoxication, such as glossy eyes. She was given, and failed, several field sobriety tests before she was taken into custody and transported to the Schuylkill Medical center in Pottsville for blood tests.

Blood work indicated a .094 percent blood alcohol level. She was cited for DUI, failure to heed a traffic control device and operating a motor vehicle with an invalid inspection.