Dear Editor:

Saturday does not come fast enough for me to grab the TIMES NEWS and turn to the editorial pages. Thanks Bob Urban for your down to earth columns. Your column on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013 brought back memories as I read the misspelled words. You see I failed fifth grade because of my spelling (and my behavior) but the teacher sat with me during recess (the second year) and thanks to her I went on to be the champion speller in twelfth grade, going on to the annual spelling bee at the former Lehigh Valley Dairy Auditorium in 1953. (I didn't win the top trophy.)

Another reason for this letter is how disturbed I am about letters from freestinkers and Hindu highlighters like (what's-her-name) Muckwriter! My personal prayer is for all people, regardless of their belief to just pick up the Bible (still the best selling book in the world) and read from the gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24. I am confident that God will move in their heart and open their eyes to what will come in the near future. Christians need to unite and pray God will Bless America before that time comes! (Yes, I am one of those, but then again, Christians have always been a minority!)


Richard M. Gross, Lehighton, Pa.