As 130 eighth graders graduated on to Panther Valley High School, awards were presented and remarks were given by PVSD superintendent Rosemary Porembo and PVMS principal Lisa Mace.

Perfect attendance awards went to 8th graders Christopher Santore and Aaron Rohlfing.

"Life is a Rainbow" was recited by Jocilyn Steigerwalt. Other student readers were Abby Haas, and Brendan Morgans. Kiley Boswell sang "You Raise Me Up". Chloe Markovich introduced the program and gave a recitation.

The Visual and Performing Arts Awards: Cheyenne Aleksiejczyk, Andrew Frable, Colleen Gallagher, Catlan Guinn, Abigail Haas, Danielle Hudicka, Sierra Krynock, McKenzie Lazar, Christina Maillet, Jennah Malloy, Chloe Markovich, Olivia Mathewson, Delana Nalesnik, Crystal Nase. Kendra Nelson, Kaitlyn Reimer, Kendrea Smiley, Jocilyn Steigerwalt, Kayla Strawdinger, Gabreille Tout, and Samantha Valderrama.

Music Band Awards: Haley Accardi, Noah Easterly, Colleen Gallagher, Catlan Guinn, Abigial Haas, Danielle Hudicka, McKenzie Lazar, Chloe Markovich, Brendan Morgans, Delana Nalesnik, Christopher Santore, Jessica Thomas.

Intermediate District Band Award: Brendan Morgans.

Chorus: Hayley Accardi, Kiley Boswell, Daniela Maturana, and Skylar Smiley.

Yearbook: Haley Accardi, Dominique Becker, Brandi Beers, Sophia Damian, Akira Elliott, Andrew Frable, Colleen Gallagher, Abigail Haas, Danielle Hudicka, Kelsie Kocela, Hunter Kosalko, McKenzie Lazar, Chloe Markovich, Daniela Maturana, Crystal Nase, Kendra Smiley, Jocilyn Steigerwalt, Kayla Strawdinger, Elizabeth Trotman, and Samantha Vaderrama.

Tech Ed Awards: 1st place Skyler Smiley, 2nd place Brett Paulus, and 3rd place Jessica Thomas. Outstanding Design: Chloe Markovich, Kelsie Kocela, Brendan Morgans, and Aaron Rohlfing. Most Shocking Finish: Tabitha Marsh. Performance and Design: Ryan Lloyd.

Student Council: Samuel Arroya, Sophia Damian, Colin Haydt, Haley Karnish, Brenna Karnish, Hunter Kosalko, Johnna Weaver, secretary Abigail Haas, treasurer Brianna Raabe, vice-president Michael Witczak, and President Chloe Markovich.

Major Subjects: Highest average in Earth and Space, Aaron Rohlfing; in Reading, Brendan Morgans; in English, Brendan Morgans; in Social Studies, Brendan Morgans; in Algebra I, Aaron Rohlfing. Second highest average Aaron Rohlfing and top overall grade point average Brendan Morgans.

ACE Competition: Sophia Damian, Catlan Guinn, McKenzie Lazar, Jenny Lin, Brendan Morgans, Christopher Santore.

Envirothon: Jenny Lin, Chloe Markovich, Brendan Morgans, Christopher Santore, and Jocilyn Steigerwalt. Fourth place winners.

Recycling Club: Jazmyn Boos, Skylar Francesco, Abigail Haas, Danielle Hudicka, Kelsie Kocela, Jenny Lin, Chloe Markovich, Olivia Mathewson, Daniela Maturana, Brendan Morgans, Christopher Santore, Kendra Smiley, Skylar Smiley, Jocilyn Steigerwalt, Gabby Tout, and Michael Witczak.

Honor Roll Awards: Cheyenne Aleksiejczyk, Owen Mahoney, Chloe Markovich, and Michael Witczak.

Distinguished Honors: Abigail Haas, Danielle Hudicka, Jenny Lin, Brendan Morgans, Aaron Rohlfing, Christopher Santore, and Jocilyn Steigerwalt.

Scholar Athlete: Chloe Markovich and Brendan Morgans.

President's Award for Educational Achievement: Olivia Barbieri, Dominique Becker, Samantha Earley, Krysanthra Hedden, Sierra Krynock, Michael Mastrangelo.

President's Award for Academic Excellence: Cheyenne Aleksiejczyk, Abigail Haas, Danielle Hudicka, Jenny Lin, Owen Mahoney, Chloe Markovich, Brendan Morgans, Aaron Rohlfing, Christopher Santore, Michael Witczak, Jocilyn Steigerwalt.

Citizenship Merit Awards: Samuel Arroyo, Dominique Becker, Kiley Boswell, Andrew Frable, Skylar Francesco, Anthony Greco, Catlan Guinn, Kelsie Kocela, Jenny Lin, Owen Mahoney, Chloe Markovich, Olivia Mathewson, Brendan Morgans, Aaron Rohlfing, Christopher Santore, Kendra Smiley, Joseph Stawiarski, Samantha Valderrama.

Representative Doyle Heffley Award: Chloe Markovich and Christopher Santore.

Senator David Argall Award: Jenny Lin and Brendan Morgans.

Key to Success Award: Cheyenne Aleksiejczyk

Principal DeSei Award: Skylar Smiley.

Principal Mace concluded "As we come to the end of this day of moving on, we know that we have completed a big step toward our education, but we hope to keep our feet on the path and take one step at a time through our years of high school yet ahead."