In May, at one of the biggest competitions hosted at The Performing Arts Alliance, Tricia's Dance Extreme, Lehighton, brought home three out of 10 titles. One was for modeling, and two were for talent. To receive a title, a competitor must have the four highest scores in the age division.

Named Little Miss Performing Arts was Elizabeth Schlegel. Kira Shannon Hettler was named Tiny Miss Talent. Jaiden Muffley was named Junior Miss Talent.

In the Modeling category, Schlegel won first place for dress, swimwear, loungewear and novelty costume, and second place for sportswear. Muffley won second place for swimwear and third place for dress and novelty.

In the Talent competition, Hettler won first place for solo specialty and second place for both solo jazz and solo pantomine. Schlegel won third place for solo classical. Muffley won first out of 13 for solo jazz, second out of 15 for solo lyrical, third for solo classical, third for solo pantomine and first for solo modern.

Hettler and Schlergel won third place for duo jazz.

Group dancers Danielle Laub, Brittany Miller, Muffley, Kayla Despain and Maddy Bronko won second place for group jazz and third place for group lyrical.