Three individuals have been charged with retail theft from Wal-Mart in Mahoning Township.

Police in the township said on June 10, Dion Smith, 25, of Palmerton was observed opening a pack of razor blades offered for sale by the store.

Police added that Smith then took a razor blade from the pack and used it to cut an Xbox 360 controller from its security device.

Because of a previous retail theft conviction at the same Wal-Mart Store in 2010 Dion has been charged with a misdemeanor retail theft.

On June 15, loss prevention personnel at Wal-Mart said they observed two females working together to conceal clothing inside of a backpack one of them was wearing. They then purchased items they had placed into their shopping cart, and afterwards attempted to leave with the concealed items.

The females were identified as Jeana Rybicki. 22, and Carly Fox, 21, both of Mahoning Township.

Both have been charged with retail theft and criminal conspiracy - retail theft.

Because of a previous retail theft conviction, Rybicki has been charged with misdemeanors.