First of all, who hired you to tell others what to do at township meetings?

Why didn't you run against the running party? You seem to know more than the citizen you write to and have a lot to say. If you don't want the so-called outsiders to win then run against them and try your luck. Whoever puts one, two, or three campaign signs in their yard is up to them.

No one made the citizen you keep writing, how did you put it... "the township watchdog". He/she voices his/her opinion as he/she sees fit. I guess that's why he/she commented on an issue in Little Gap, rather than driving by the township building to see or know how much time a certain party spends there since ousted from the county.

You seem to be at these meetings, so why don't you bring up the issues of getting money back from the audit company? You seem to have a general idea of the missing money, and how certain people were let go due to it.

You can be the "NEW" spokesperson for everyone. You already know the telephone number to the ethics committee and know what information to tell and ask them about getting everyone's money back. You don't have to suggest for someone else to do it for you to prove whose side he/she is on, or like you put it, if he/she doesn't get something done, then you'll know whose bed he/she is in. You can do it. They won't have to hear it secondhand.

I say it's time the citizen hangs up his/her boxing gloves and lets you or someone else wear them. He/she is NO ONES WATCHDOG. Just a concerned citizen on some issues.

Someone who cares about citizen and other people trying to use him.

Connie Frey