The Slatington Lions Club

The Slatington Lions Club is grateful to the community for its support of the club's major fundraisers: the annual car show, Christmas Tree sales, and comedy night.

Held the day before Labor Day at the Slatington Airport, last year's car show registered 493 cars and awarded over 100 trophies This year will be the 25th anniversary for this show, and there are plans for some interesting activities/displays.

This year, the group sold over 600 Christmas trees. High school students also helped to earn hours toward their senior project.

Comedy Night is held the first Friday in March at Emerald Fire Company and features two comedians, a DJ, and dancing after comedy.

For more information, contact Tom at (610)-767-2816, or email [1].

In 2012, the Slatington Lions donated more than $28,000 back into the community.