Come up with an idea, research it, and experiment to find the answer.

That was but one of the multiple tasks students at St. John Neumann Regional School performed rather ably.

An exhibition of science projects, along with the use of technology, were on full display at the Academic/Technology Fair held at the school's Palmerton campus on Thursday.

Third grade pupil Samantha Steier put technology to the test. Afterward, she explained the recycling project she completed in which she made a doll house.

"I used cardboard, cloth, water bottle, caps and paint," Samantha said. "It turned out pretty nice."

Instructor Ann Kester said the event is great for the students in that it enables them to show off their creativity.

One by one, students and their families took a moment to view the impressive exhibitions that were on display.

Instructor Mary Hartz said her students worked on projects geared toward "Roses in the Burning Bush".

"They read about the story, talked about the story, watched the movie," Hartz said. "We decided we wanted to make it."

A group of eighth-grade students were slated to present their science projects at Easton High School as part of the Region 3 Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science.

The students are Sarah Kester, Michelle McCawley, Johanna Matsko, Camaryn Wheeler, Kashia Zukowski, Aiden Hinchey, and Dennis Lupin.

Sarah Kester said the objective was for the students to make projects that were about something they wanted to research, and through experiments, find the answers.

For her project, Kester said she wanted to see which kind of duct tape was the strongest. It turned out to be gorilla tape.

Pupils in grades K-3 attend the school's Slatington campus, while students in grades 4-8 attend its Palmerton campus.

To arrange a personal tour of the school, call the Slatington campus at (610) 787-2935, or the Palmerton campus at (610) 826-2354.

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