The police chiefs of all four Panther Valley towns Nesquehoning, Lansford, Summit Hill and Coaldale agree that the best crime deterrent is prompt reporting by residents of suspicious activity.

"If you see something or want to report something, don't be a day late and a dollar short," says Coaldale Police Chief Timothy Delaney.

Summit Hill Police Chief Joseph Fittos encourages people to call their local police department or 911 if they see something suspicious, and not to worry about being embarrassed if it turns out to be nothing.

"We'd rather spend time investigating a call that turns out to be nothing than having a crime committed and the criminal not caught," he says.

Here's a list of local police department numbers:

Nesquehoning: (570) 669-9111

Lansford: (570) 645-5844

Summit Hill: (570) 645-7429

Coaldale: (570) 645-3060