Dear Editor:

In an effort to reduce the exorbitant board compensation of the Lansford-Coaldale Joint Water Authority, I recently applied for a vacant seat. I am a retired, degreed financial analyst with 20 years of "Forturne 500" experience. I offered to serve for a total annual compensation of $1,200 (no medical insurance or pension).

The incumbent board member receives an $18,000 annual salary along with medical insurance and pension. Lansford Borough Council appointed the incumbent by a 5 - 1 vote.

Many of us Lansford residents feel that while Councilman Vadyak utilized prudent economic principals of value, cost and consumer impact in his evaluations, nothing more than age-old political patronage.

If you agree, remember the previous names in your future election decisions and also remember to savor your next drink of Lansford-Coaldale water - it's an expensive one!

Len Sniscak, Lansford