Should a stop sign be placed near the intersection of Lower Smith Gap and Covered Bridge roads in Lower Towamensing Township?

Resident Herman Bollinger believes so, and suggested to the township's board of supervisors on Tuesday that they consider such action on the heels of the most recent accident that occurred at that intersection several weeks ago.

The accident Bollinger referenced occurred on Jan. 18, at which time both drivers were injured and hospitalized.

Bollinger suggested to the board that they get a stop sign, two boards, and have a double arrow and put a big stop sign in the center of the island at the intersection.

"You've gotta see the sign," Bollinger said. "This will cost a couple of bucks, but it's well worth the while."

Also on Tuesday, supervisors were asked if the township has a junkyard ordinance in place.

Patrick Gremling, who spoke on behalf of his mother-in-law, Faye Heffelfinger, said Heffelfinger's next-door neighbor has over a dozen vehicles on her property, a number of which are unlicensed, as well as trailers and boats.

Supervisor Ron Walbert told Gremling he would have to go see the township zoning officer Duane Dellecker and file a written complaint.

Township solicitor Jim Nanovic told Gremling "if you have a concern about junk and other things, put it in the letter to Duane."

Gremling also questioned the matter of property line enforcement, to which Nanovic said that issue was more of a civil matter that should be consulted with an attorney.

In an unrelated matter, supervisors adopted resolutions for former Planning Commission members James Sheckler and Pete Terp.

Sheckler, who served on the Planning Commission since 1995, retired on Dec. 31. Terp served 10 years, commencing in 2002, until he passed away last year.

Supervisors Chairman Brent Green presented the resolution to Sheckler, and told him "we appreciate the time that you've dedicated to us."

Sheckler said he appreciated the opportunity to serve the township in that capacity.

In other business, supervisors:

- Announced that a grant the township applied for through the Local Share Account Program, Monroe County, for the Stoney Ridge Parking Lot, was not approved.

- Approved a $2,000 pay increase, $500 per year over the course of the next four years, along with $500 for supplies, for tax collector Connie Brown. Afterward, Brown vented that she's still the lowest paid tax collector in the county.

- Agreed to purchase tire/breaker bars from out of the township's liquid fuels account.

- Agreed to solicit prices for digital cameras and card readers for the potential purchase of a camera for the township garage.

- Agreed to purchase a pipe to install on Stoney Ridge Road.

- Agreed to purchase concrete blocks from Sikorsky.

- Agreed to advertise for various road material bids.

- Appointed a committee to open bids at 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 12.

- Agreed to get quotes for diesel fuel and gasoline.

- Adopted a resolution for bituminous materials for small quantities.

- Adopted a resolution for the escalator clause for bituminous materials and/or petroleum products.

- Appointed Green as tax delegate.

- Appointed Nanovic as chief administrative officer for PMRS.

- Approved a garbage exemption for Ned Biege.

- Appointed secretary/treasurer Christine Wentz as liaison between the township and Berkheimer.

- Authorized Wentz to mail a letter for Fire Police Service for this year's Carbon County Fair.

- Granted Caron & Associates a three-month extension.

- Announced that the township's website, [1] is down. However, officials urged to not conduct a Google search of the township's web site as of this time.