Sixteen Tamaqua Middle School students with Kim Woodward's art class have started work to their Lafayette Street Community Mural. They aren't letting rainy weather prevent them from getting the job done. "Actually, rain is better as students are using wax to draw the outlines," said Woodward. She added that her students have been practicing over a year for this event.

"The mural will depict historically significant people, places and events that helped to establish our community," expressed Woodward.

Students involved in the project consist of Mackenzie McVicker, Ryan Alicandri, Kendra Boyle, Jenny Beck, Alexa Hromyak, Zoe Snyder, Emma Rago, Alexis Higgins, Spencer De Pue, Kyle Ruch, Abbi Agosti, Hannah Stott, Peter Sterling, Madison Valentine, Rebecca Kanaski and Hannah Reed.

In addition to the Tamaqua Raider Foundation, 14 additional sponsors have contributed to the project. Lafayette Street will be closed during the day, up to May 3rd to allow students a safe environment to work.

"The murals will showcase important architecture and historical images from Tamaqua's community heritage," said Woodward.