Dear Editor:

The recent ruling by a federal judge declaring the town of Jim Thorpe a museum is the dumbest thing that I have heard.

I suppose that many towns then must be museums too, like Lansford, with their No. 9 coal mine and museum they are similar to what the town of Jim Thorpe is being called by the Judge.

All these towns have received Federal monies like Jim Thorpe for one thing or the other.

If this court ruling is held, then I guess that sets a precedent. We suddenly will have many more museums in America.

His family and the Sac nation did not seem to have any interest in having his body and interment in Oklahoma 60 years ago. The town of Jim Thorpe has kept his memory and his athletic feats alive and now want him brought back to Oklahoma.

The town has done a wonderful job paying homage to him.

With the town now legally declared a museum the leaders should use this as means to apply and receive Grant monies from Pocono Mountains Vacation Bureau, State and Federal grant programs. They should qualify with ease.

George White