State police at Schuylkill Haven reported investigating a five-vehicle, rear-end crash along SR61 in North Manheim Township, Schuylkill County, that occurred about 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 26.

Troopers identified the drivers and vehicles as follows: Bernard A. Zaremba, 48, of Frackville, 2012 Toyota Camry; Tiffany M. Frantz, 17, of Saint Clair, 1999 Mercury Mystique; Christopher M. Thomas, 31, of Schuylkill Haven, 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe; Robert L. Antonni, 52, of Schuylkill Haven, 2008 Toyota Scion; and Terry L. Blatt, 42, of Auburn, 2004 Pontiac Vibe.

Troopers said Frantz, Thomas and Antonni were all in the left lane southbound and stopped in a line of traffic. Zaremba approached Frantz from behind and was unable to stop.

The front of the Camry struck the rear of the Mystique pushing it into the rear of the, Tahoe, and that into the rear of the Scion. Almost simultaneously Blatt approached Zaremba from behind and was unable to stop and struck the rear of the Camry with the front of his Vibe.

There were no injuries reported. Troopers cited Zaremba for following too closely.