Dear Editor

On Sunday, Sept. 9, two days before thousands lost their life in the 911 attacks years ago I sat at a Northwestern sporting game watching my granddaughter play field hockey. On the neighboring field a number of football teams took turns playing their games. Each game was started with the playing of the national anthem.

As the music played and we could hear it on the hockey field loud and clear, the hockey players and coaches stopped the games for respect of the anthem. Without exaggerating, at the beginning of two games that I witnessed, there were about 50 to 60 grown adults who did not even attempt to stand, stop talking, take off their hats or control their own children's' behavior while others stood out of respect.

The parents I am talking about were ALL Northwestern parents since they were the only hockey teams playing. Kudos to the coaches and players who stopped play, stood at attention and watched grown adults disrespect the freedoms others have sacrificed their life for.

I hope on this Sept. 11, all you guilty adults watched the TV as tragedy struck the lives of thousands and destroyed families and maybe the next time the national anthem is played you'll take off your hat, stand at attention and pay respect to the freedoms you have been given.

Thank you.

Donna Albright