Becoming a senior citizen is no easy task. And although many are called and many are chosen, it's still quite an accomplishment making it to our later years.

Many seniors are proud of their accomplishments, and like to brag about their triumphs.

One way to celebrate those senior years is with bumper stickers.

Here's some you may or may not see in your travels.

But they do exist.

One senior motorist yearned for those earlier days by displaying this banner: There's no question as to his political leanings.

Twenty five years ago we had,

Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope.

Now we have Obama,,

no cash and no hope.

Other humorous bumper stickers include:

Fishmore and DoLittle

Retrement planning and consultants.

Young at heart.

Slightly older in other places.

Don't worry about your health.

It'll go away.

I'm retired.

I was tired yesterday,

I'm tired again today.

At my age,

Happy Hour is a nap.

Goodbye tension.

Hello pension.

Live each day

like it's your last.

One day, you'll get it right.

Life is easy.

It's the freaking people who make it difficult.

In dog years,

I'm dead.

I always cook with wine,

Sometimes I even add it to the food.

Geezer (ge-zer)- noun, slang.

Not young, not dead.

Somewhere in between.

I don't think about dying.

It's the last thing I want to do.

I'm speeding because I have to get there

before I forget where I'm going.

I don't exercise.

It makes my coffee spill.

Eat right and exercise.

Die anyway.

The only trouble with retirement....

you never get a damn day off.

I just can't get started until I've had

a piping hot pot of coffee in the morning.

Oh, I've tried other enemas.

End free health care for Congress.

Everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes the reason is your stupid decision.

The only fool bigger than a know-it-all

is the one who argues with him.

Everything in moderation,

including moderation.

Before giving someone a piece of your mind,

be sure you have enough to spare.

When you're in it up to your ears,

keep your mouth shut.

Don't judge me by my past,

I don't live there anymore.

It's never to late to have a happy childhood.

And, finally,

Don't die wondering.