Sixteen juniors and seven seniors joined the Daniel I. Farren Chapter of Lehighton Area High School's National Honor Society during the 75th annual induction ceremony, held at the high school Wednesday night.

Following a piano prelude by NHS reporter Elyse Kistler, NHS advisor Matthew Fisher welcomed family and friends to the induction.

He addressed the students, stating that they are some of the most academically driven students to walk the halls of Lehighton Area High School.

He commended them for their well-rounded personalities and explained that the NHS members have been involved in food and clothing drives, raised money area organizations, are tutors and are active members of their community.

Fisher then updated everyone on the progress of the memorial garden, which began last year. The garden, which will be created somewhere on the grounds of the school will help future and past generations remember the many losses the school has experienced over the last few years

A prayer was then given by NHS senior member Kaitlyn Bandholz, followed by senior Sarah Kistler, historian of Lehighton's NHS, reading a brief history of the National Honor Society. The descriptions of the four virtues that a student must possess when they are a member of the society were read by fellow senior NHS members.

Brandon Everett spoke of scholarship; Tia Rex read service; Elyse Kistler read character; and Alden Everett read leadership.

Secretary Elizabeth Reichard then introduced the present members of the society.

Elyse Kistler and Hannah Bartron also performed a musical selection, There's A Place for Us.

President Alex Rubin and vice president Matthew Schweitzer then introduced the new inductees, while Fisher, Craig Reichl and Daniel Repsher, administrators at Lehighton Area High School, presented the awards and pins.

The new NHS inductees are: seniors - Geoff Ebbert, Keturah Hinkle, Rowan Laitila, Meghan Mausteller, Morgan Ott, Kaitlin Smith, and Jacob Strohl; juniors - Lauren Armbruster, Christi Beddiges, Allison Butrie, Schyler Cordova, Thatcher David, James Farano, Kyle Higgins, Alyssa Huntington, Jaclyn Jordan, Matthew McGeehan, Peter Phelan, Michelle Pomposello, Atasha Rehrig, Paige Steigerwalt, Kyle Troch, and Kayla Troutman.

Senior members are: Kaitlyn Bandholz, Hannah Bartron, Alden Everett, Brandon Everett, Elyse Kistler, Sarah Kistler, Emily Lauer, Tyler Martz, Jacen Nalesnik, Elizabeth Reichard, Tia Rex, Alex Rubin, and Matthew Schweitzer.

Following the induction of new members, guest speaker Jonathan Cleaver, superintendent of schools, addressed the audience.

He talked about the students' academic excellence and how they need to honor their parents and guardians for supporting them over the years.

"With the commitment you have made to your academics, you will be presented with an abundant amount of opportunity for your future," Cleaver said. "Challenge yourself to be even better as you move forward, not only with your education but also with your life. Take chances, explore opportunities and in some sense, experience the insanities this planet has to offer. Or in simpler terms, get involved in politics."

He continued that there will be bumps along the road, but the education the students received at Lehighton, will help prepare them to make wise choices and succeed in their future endeavors.

Closing remarks were provided by Reichl.

He congratulated each of the students and their parents for the hard work they have done to reach this level of excellence.

"Live in the moment," he told the students, adding that they need to step back and enjoy accomplishments like the NHS induction. "Take time to enjoy your successes."

Fisher then asked all parents and guardians to stand while the students gave them a round of applause.

Following the ceremony, a reception was held for family and friends in the hallway of the school.