Towamensing Elementary School held an assembly to recognize veterans. Commander Scott Reinhart, at the podium, served in the United States Navy from 1962-66, and later in the Air Force Reserve from 1981-1999. He and Stanley Jarosczewski are both members of the Navy Club. They showed a short video that explains Veterans Day and then gave a presentation on the American flag from the history, to the importance to the correct way to fold it and how to show respect to it. Mrs. Broderich, second from left, introduced three of her GATE (Gifted and Talented Education students), and they read their reports. Fourth from left to right, Trent Geist's report was on World War II and Vietnam; Logan Kresge's and Kelly Heinick's were about the Iraqi war. Mrs. Steigerwalt, third from left, said that "Every day we should thank a veteran."