The gymnasium of the Tamaqua Elementary School was filled with song during the school's annual Veterans Day Celebration held Friday morning.

The event was also attended by about 40 military veteran family members of the students, who were each recognized during the program.

At times, tears could be seen flowing from staff and family members as they watched a video slideshow or listened to all the students sing.

James Fasnacht, assistant principal, Tamaqua Elementary School, stated, "The program was a great success," stressing praise to all the students, parents, teachers and staff.

Tim Murphy, math teacher, said, "Everyone started work on this program since the first day of school."

Program coordinator and music teacher Samantha Yechera stated that the students put a lot into the program. She also sang the National Anthem during the program.

Following the activities inside, students were lead outside, where they were given a brief firing demonstration by the Tamaqua American Legion.

Tamaqua Raider Band members played the drum and trumpet during the Legion presentation.

All veterans were treated to a free luncheon by the school following the program.