Pocono Mountain Regional police reported on an investigation they conducted into the shooting of a dog by a security guard at the Indian Mountain Lakes Community in Albrightsville.

Police said on Tuesday, May 8, about 10:52 a.m. officers responded to 179 Upper Notch Road in the development for a report of a dog incident and shots fired. Upon arriving officers learned that a neighbor had called the development security department to report a loose dog in the area. The dog reportedly attempted to attack the caller's dog on the caller's property.

Security responded to the scene and located two loose dogs at the above stated address. A security officer attempetd to make contact with the dog owner, when one of the dogs charged at the officer at the end of the driveway of the residence. The dog was reportedly aggressive and attacked the officer.

The officer attempted to break contact with the dog, however, it charged a second time. The officer then discharged one round from his handgun and put the dog down. The officer was not injured in the incident.

Pocono police identified the dog as an eight-year-old German shepperd. Police said the actions of the security guard were found to be lawful and no criminal charges were filed.