In the wake of several suicides in the United States by teenagers who have been bullied by classmates, Behavioral Health Associates continues its anti-bullying initiative with a special presentation in partnership with the Jim Thorpe Community Watch Program.

"In and Beyond the Schoolyard-Addressing Bullying as a Community Issue" will be presented Thursday, May 17, at 7 p.m. in the Jim Thorpe Memorial Park Hall.

The panel of experts includes Carbon County Deputy Chief Juvenile Court Officer Kimmy Mulik and Dr. Helene Katz, a licensed staff psychologist with Behavioral Health Associates and key organizer of BHA's county-wide anti-bullying initiative. Jim Thorpe Mayor Michael Sofranko, Jim Thorpe Community Watch President, Jamie Solomon, and BHA Superintendent of Schools J. Christopher West will also be present to make some remarks.

The panelists will identify warning signs that indicate your child may be a victim of bullying. They will discuss how to access help from your child's school as well as what to do if your child is being bullied in the community. The topic of adult bullying and its impact will also be discussed.

Solomon and Dr. Katz encourage all parents, teachers, caregivers, skilled workers and professionals who work with school age children to attend. Adults who feel they have been targeted by bullies are urged to attend. There will also be a short question and answer session for attendees.

Behavioral Health Associates is a non-profit healthcare foundation based in the greater Lehighton area.