Dear Editor:

Subject: Voter rights

On March 15, 1965, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, addressing a joint session of Congress, called for new legislation to guarantee every Americans' right to vote. It became the Voting Rights Act.

On March 15, 2012, Republican Governor Corbitt signed a voter suppression Bill, HB 934. The purpose of this Bill is to prevent voter fraud that doesn't exist in Pennsylvania. The bill requires all voters coming to their assigned voting locations to present a state issued Photo Identification. This requirement can be difficult for some. A 2006 PennDOT estimate found that 691,000 Pennsylvanians do not have a Driver's license.

How many Pennsylvanians will be denied the right to vote in the upcoming November election because of the lack of a proper Photo Identification?

Will you be one? Will some elderly shut-in you know who has always voted - but has no Photo Identification? The working poor and some students who do not have a Photo Identification?

Elections cannot be free and fair if eligible voters are not allowed to vote. Without the right to vote your freedom is diminished.


Skip La Police,

560 Hemlock Road,

Tamaqua, Pa.