A special post-holiday musical called "Hope Has Hands" was held Sunday night at the Calvary Evangelical United Methodist Church in Lewistown Valley, Walker Township, near Tamaqua.

The musical, which was arranged by Russell Mauldin, featured musical performances by Dale Cresswell, Carol Metzler, Phyllis Paisley, Kelly Boyd, Denise Hafer, Carol Steigerwalt, Delroy Steigerwalt, Helen Leatherman, Terry Messner, Carl Heisler, Debbie Berk, Margie Heisler, Carol Stein, Marlyn Wehry and Jazmine Goho.

The performance was directed by Ronna Halpin with narrators Tony Hughes and Phyllis Paisley. Organist was Denise Hafer and pianist was Brenda Reed.

Halpin was thankful for all the volunteers and performers who brought the event together. The event included snacks and refreshments following the performance.