Shakietha McCullough, 33, of 915 Greenbrook Terrace, Tobyhanna, was arraigned on charges after being picked up on a warrant on Feb. 5 in Allentown.

She was arraigned before District Judge Casimir Kosciolek on Feb. 6 and jailed under $1,000 bail. McCullough faces charges from an incident which took place on June 29, 2011. She is charged by Lansford Officer Christopher Ondrus with issuing a bad check to Ron's Auto Sales, Lansford.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, here's what happened:

At 1:41 p.m. July 12, 2011, Ondrus was called to the business on a report of a bad check. He spoke with sales manager Jeff Bachinski, who told him that according to an agreement with McCullough, she was to pay a total of $1,155 in two installments toward the purchase of a vehicle. According to a promissory note drawn up by the business and McCullough on June 2, the first $500 installment was due on June 7 and a second one of $655 was due by June 30.

June 7 passed with no payment. After being contacted by the business, McCullough sent a moneygram in the amount of $400, and assured them that the balance would be paid by June 30.

After being contacted again because the balance was not paid, McCullough said she would send a check overnight. A check in the amount of $755 and dated June 29 was received and deposited into Jim Thorpe National Bank.

On July 6, notification was sent from the bank that the check was returned for insufficient funds and a $10 fee was assessed.

A second notice was sent from the bank on July 11, where the checking account was debited $755 and another $10 fee was assessed.

McCullough was telephoned and sent regular and certified letters regarding the insufficient funds by Ron's Auto Sales, but she failed to contact them and pay the balance.

Ondrus contacted McCullough by phone on July 12 and told her why he was calling. She said she would send the balance of the payment to the business. He asked her why she failed to pay the rest of the money, and where she was currently living. At that point, McCullough told Ondrus she wanted to speak with an attorney, and the conversation ended.

Sought from McCullough is restitution in the amount of $755 for the amount and $20 in bank fees that were incurred by the business.