Lansford Borough Council, at a special meeting Wednesday, adopted a $1,506,184 budget that calls for a one mill property tax increase.

However, the budget eliminates so – called nuisance taxes, per capita and occupational.

The budget breaks down to: 26.97 mills for the general fund; 1.4 mills for debt; 0.61 mills for parks and recreation; 1.11 mills for fire protection; 2.78 mills for lighting; 0.1 mill for the Panther Valley Public Library; and 0.50 mill for the pension fund.

The tax increase means the total levy stands at 33.47 mills.

That means the owner of a home assessed at $25,000 will pay $836.75 in property tax this year, up from $811.75 last year.

Each mill is expected to generate $34,010 this year, up $634 from last year.

In other matters Wednesday, Councilman Tommy Vadyak spoke at the beginning of the meeting, as a citizen, saying that at least $470,000 has been taken from the Sewer Transmission Fund over the years to pay general bills.

Vadyak said he obtained information through the Right To Know law, but said four years of data is missing.

He said that last year alone, council borrowed $100,000 from the fund, without making plans to repay it.

The fund began years ago to pay for repairs and maintain sewer lines after a major collapse on Cortright Street.

It started out as a $50 annual fee. Now, it's up to $90, and Vadyak said it's more of a tax now because if the money is not paid, the delinquent person's water is shut off.

Also, Vadyak and council President Rose Mary Cannon argued over a yet-to-be-settled Teamsters contract that covers two borough workers, and also over a credit card matter that has been resolved.