Winners have been named in the Palmerton Camera Club's fall Nature Salon.

In all, there were 65 entries. In addition to photography, there were creative titles.

The event was judged by Eric Goins, Vice President, Pocono Photo Club.

Winners were as follows:

Class-A Color: 1. Don Bonett; 2. Marc Beerman; 3. Jeannie Carl; Honorable Mention, Marc Beerman; Judges Choice, Bob Reinhart

Class-A B&W Monocolor: 1, Don Bonett; 2. Connie Reinhart; 3. Marc Beerman; Honorable Mention, Roger Smith; Judges Choice, Jeannie Carl.

Class B Color: 1. Deborah Beerman; 2. Miranda Clark; 3. Don Browne; Honorable Mention, Miranda Clark; Judges Choice, Deborah Beerman.

Class B B&W Monocolor: 1. Don Kearney; 2. Deborah Beerman; 3. Carla Binder; Honorable Mention, Deborah Beerman; Judges Choice, Carla Binder.

The next meeting of the Palmerton Camera Club will be at 7:30 p.m. Jan 24. They will have live animals and a green screen demonstration, as well as a photo challenge: "cold", "shadows", or combine for "cold shadows".

All meetings are open to the public. For more information, contact the Reinharts at (610)826-7285, or [1].