The choices were tough, but the judging committee of Lansford Alive's 11th Annual Christmas House Decorating Contest managed to pick eight winners in last night's final round. judges drove through the festively-lit streets of the borough, trying to find the best displays in each of the six categories.

As it turned out, two contestants shared the lighting category. Winners were presented with a red and white sign announcing the category in which they won, and were given gift certificates to town businesses.

Winners were: Traditional category: Joseph and Marie Nihen, of 25 E. Bertsch St.; Theme category: Tina Middleton and Edna Hutter, of 237 W. Ridge St.; Whimsical category: Jason Vogel and Heather Geiger, of 327. E. Bertsch St.; Holiday Neighbors category: Carl and Karen Vasilou, of 845 E. Ridge St., and their next-door neighbors, the Vavro family, of 843 E. Ridge St. In the Lighting category, the award was shared by Janelle Gilbert, of 839 E. Ridge St., and Anne Michele Rutch, of 741 E. Patterson St.