File for divorce

Carol A. Sedlak, 201 E. Broad St., Apt. 1E, Tamaqua, filed suit for divorce against James S. Sedlak, 101 . Centre St., Apt. 708, Mahanoy City. They were married July 6, 1992.

Reduce bail

Bail was reduced for Ronald W. Musselman, 29, of Venice, Fla., to $20,000 percentage cash from $50,000 straight by Judge John E. Domalakes, who also added certain restrictions. Musselman must reside at 416 Union St., Tamaqua, and must not relocate without prior permission from the court with a verification address signed by his sister, Tracy Horan, and the owner of the property giving permission to reside there; he must seek employment and keep the adult probation department aware of progress; and must stay away from the victims and their places of employment.

Musselman faces charges brought by Tamaqua Patrolman Michael Hobbs, of theft of a laptop computer, computer games, and jewelry which are the property of John Middleon and Laurie Camponizzi, 201 Clay St.

Drop charges

On motion of District Attorney Karen Byrnes Noon, criminal charges against two defendants were dismissed as they had made full restitutions to the victims who told the DA they did not wish to continue with prosecution. President Judge William E. Baldwin granted Noon's motion of nolle prosequi.

Devin A. Friedman, 24, Pottsville, was charged with passing a bad check to Harry Banning for rental of an apartment at 1547 W. Market St., Pottsville. The check was in amount of $350 for the monthly rental payment.

Frank S. Althouse, 59, Ashland, had charge of credit card fraud dismissed because restitution was paid in full to the owner of the credit card, Jacalyn Stitzer, Ashland. Information filed to court by Chief Adam Bernodin, was that he used the credit card to make purchases totaling $28.65 at the Turkey Hill Mini Mart.

Granted furlough

Christopher Brooks, 21, Tower City, who is back in the county prison serving his original sentence of six to 23 months after violating his probation, was granted a furlough by President Judge William E. Baldwin to attend the funeral and memorial services of his sister, Trish A. Fair, at Tulpehocken Church in Richland, Pa. He was released Sunday and met at the prison by Justine Leitzel, of Tower City, who produced proof to Brooks' probation officer that she has a valid driver's license. The judge also reminded Brooks that while on furlough he shall engage in no criminal activity, shall not engage in any argumentative behavior, shall not possess or consume any alcoholic beverages or any controlled substance and shall be tested for the consumption of drugs or alcohol when returned to the county prison. If he violates the terms fixed by court he faces further prosecution.

Brooks pleaded guilty in February 2011 to thefts from motor vehicles in Tower City and received a sentence of six to 23 months and after serving his minimum was released on probation but was returned to prison last Oct. 5 for violating the rules.

Pleads guilty

Craig Theodore Taylor, 23, Philadelphia, pleaded guilty to a several criminal charges and was sentenced by Judge John E. Domalakes.

On charges of giving false identification to police, possession of drug paraphernalia, misbranding a controlled substance, and possession of a controlled substance, was given credit for spending 22 days in the county prison and released on parole for 12 months, pay $50 to Criminal Justice Enhancement Account and pay a $50 monthly supervision fee. He was brought to court on a bench warrant and was ordered to pay $50 to the district attorney's office the defray the cost.

Taylor was cited for the criminal charges by Shenandoah Patrolman Christopher Zubris, when arrested at 416 W. Atlantic St.

Drop charges

District Attorney Karen Byrnes Noon filed motions to nolle prosequi in two criminal cases and President Judge William E. Baldwin issued an order to dismiss the charges against two defendants but placed all costs on them.

A charge of escape was dismissed against Joseph M. Kosmisky, 28, Frackville, as the prosecuting officer, Frackville Sgt. Marvin Livergood, agreed to have the charge dropped because Kosmisky pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct and public drunkenness before a magisterial district judge.

Edward Joseph Sincavage, 40, Deer Park Drive, Norwegian Township, had two charges of simple assault and harassment dismissed because the victims, his wife, Patricia Sincavage, and mother-in-law, Marie Johnson, did not wish to prosecute.

Pleads guilty

After being brought to court on a bench warrant, Robert Kline Jr., Pottsville, pleaded guilty to charges of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, possession of a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Judge Domalakes ordered a pre-sentence investigative report prepared by the adult probation department and deferred sentence to Monday, Jan. 28, 2013.

The bench warrant was dissolved and bail was reinstated at $10,000 unsecured bail. The bench warrant was issued when Kline failed to appear in court last Oct. 18 to select a jury for his trial.

Held In contempt

Three defendants appeared before Judge John E. Domalakes to face charge of contempt of court after they were charged with violating the protection from abuse (PFA) orders issued against them by a county judge.

Michael Hannock, 36, of 94 Grier Avenue, Barnesville, pleaded guilty to the charge of indirect criminal contempt and was fined $300 and costs. He was cited by Rush Township Sgt. Duane E. Frederick, for slashing the tires on his girlfriend's car.

Susan Lorraine Romito, 32, Williamstown, Dauphin County, was fined $300 and costs. She was charged by Trooper Thomas Robin of violating a court order by contacting Sara Rebecca Rice, of Orwin, Porter Township, by sending text messages to her cell phone. The order states she was not to have any contact with the victim.

Joseph Blashock, 47, Ashland, who pleaded guilty to a charge of indirect criminal contempt, was sentenced by Judge Domalakes to time served in the county prison and was immediately released and also had to pay a fine of $300.

The judge also gave him three days to turn over to Public Defender Andreas Thompson a key to the residence at 368 E. Market St., Mahanoy City, who will turn it over to Assistant District Attorney Robert Reedy, who then will turn it over to the victim, Kimberly Blashock.


James Curtis Stevens, 21, Shenandoah, pleaded guilty to 22 criminal charges and was sentenced by President Judge William E. Baldwin to serve six to 12 years in a state correctional facility with credit for serving 178 days in the county prison.

On a charge of aggravated assault he received a sentence of five to 10 years and on a charge of carrying a firearm without a license received an addition one to two year sentence. On five additional charges of aggravated assault he received concurrent four to 10 year sentences. On three charges of discharging a firearm into an occupied structure received a concurrent two to four years sentence. On six charges of recklessly endangering another person received no further penalty and on six charges of simple assault those charges were merged for purpose of sentencing.

Stevens was cited by Shenandoah Patrolman Michael O'Neill, who charged Stevens fired three shots into the residence at 313 S. West St. last May.