A McAdoo man has been charged in connection with a burglary on Nov. 7.

Richard Yanoski, of 104 E. Jackson St., McAdoo, called borough police to report that someone had taken a number of silver dollars from his nightstand. Yanoski said the cash was on the nightstand when he left the house to run several arrands.

When he returned at 2 p.m. he was met by a neighbor, who reported that another man, identified as John C. Olear, 51, of 218 E. Sherman St., had been in Yanoski's home. The neighbor confronted Olear, who said he was there looking for a friend and had to use the bathroom.

When Yanoski checked his residence he noted the coins were missing.

In addition to burglary, Olear was also charged with criminal trespass and receiving stolen property by Patrolman Anthony DiVirgilio.