Dear Editor:

As we approach December 21, 2012 - most of us are in the Christmas spirit listening to music, looking at light displays, shopping for gifts, preparing for church services. But these so called Doomsday Preppers are convinced that something terrible will happen - not necessarily on December 21, 2012 when the Earth and Sun are in line with the center of the galaxy.

One prepper who is 40 years old now is convinced it will happen in his lifetime. It could be a plague, a meteor impact with the Earth, an earthquake, a mega storm like Sandy, a terrorist attack with smallpox or a revolution fueled by social injustice, iniquities in wealth distribution.

They are building shelters underground storing water, food, chemical suits, firearms and more. And surprisingly enough, most of these people are prominent business individuals and professionals. But hopefully by January 1, 2013 when the automatic budget cuts and tax increases occur, congress and the president will have some resolve or compromise to an alternative plan where there could be upswing with the economy.

If no alternative plan is reached, this could be financial doomsday for many. Are you prepared? So if you look into the night on December 21, 2012 and if you do see something, it is probably Santa on his way from the North Pole.


Larry Consoli,

Summit Hill